Donoho Varsity Cheer 2017


Virginia Hutto, Staff Writer

Last year the Donoho Varsity cheer team had only seven members, but the group has nearly doubled in size this year! Much recruitment for cheerleading occurred last year to ensure a larger group for this year’s season. Cheerleading often seems a lot easier than it is, so many of the new cheerleaders have hit a few obstacles while learning the cheers and band dances. However, with patience and perseverance, they have all succeeded. One of the main goals for this season is to increase school spirit, so the cheerleaders changed a few things around in the pep rallies to push for more spirt. They also wanted to improve the games at pep rallies, because they truly feel that it is important for the student body to be involved. School spirit is not just important to the football players; it also helps bring the school together and facilitates happiness around the school! That is the overarching goal of the cheerleaders for this season, and they have impressed so far.