Private Music Lessons- Interview with Lily Wiedmer


Sarah Gibson, Staff Writer

As many of us know, Donoho has an amazing private music lesson program. From piano to violin lessons, Donoho Arts Collaborative has it all! I had the chance to interview senior Lily Wiedmer who has been taking private piano lessons at Donoho for a very long time.

Q: How long have you been taking piano?
LW: “I have taken it for about 12 years now.”

Q: How would you describe your teacher?
LW: “Ms. Thompson is sweet, encouraging, and very understanding.”

Q: Why do you like piano?
LW: “Well, not a lot of people do it. It is pretty unique. Also, it is a life-long skill.”

Q: Has piano helped you in any other activities? If so, which ones?
LW: “It helped me with my perspective. Also, when I was younger it used to help me with

Lily is a member of Tri-M (National Music Honor Society), and she is also a strong student within several academic subjects, with which music is scientifically proven to help. We wish her luck with her future piano endeavors!