How To Build A College Resume


Sarah Gibson, Staff Writer

Because many of us have busy schedules over our high school years, sometimes it’s easy to forget one of the most significant obstacles that lay ahead: college. It’s important that you begin to build your resume early on, but you might be wondering what events and clubs are beneficial to sit on your list of activities. To answer this, I had a brief interview with Mrs. Gaines, and she gave me some great tips on how to go ahead and start building your college resume!

• Find something you are passionate about
• Join community service focused organizations (i.e., Key Club)
• Keep up with your community service hours
• Attend leadership workshops or seminars
• Join clubs and participate in those clubs
• Start building your GPA
• Monitor your grades for selection into honor societies: National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Tri-M, and National Society of High School Scholars
• Try to receive internships
• Get some job experience
• Take advantage of job shadowing

The items above make a small list on how to help prepare your resume for college. You have to remember to have fun in high school, and you must try not to stress too much. It is excellent, however, to go ahead and start planning for the future.