Lady Falcons Basketball 2017-2018 Season Recap


Constance Hodges, Staff Writer

The Lady Falcons Basketball team will continue growing after this season. With only one senior, Constance Hodges, this past season, the Lady Falcons team was mainly filled by tenth and ninth graders, and three of the starters for the Lady Falcons were from ninth and tenth grade. So, with the talented youth the Lady Falcons have on their side, the girls basketball team’s future is looking bright!

The Lady Falcons basketball team was not only young team, but a small one too. With only eight players playing girls basketball this past season (there was not a girls JV team), the Lady Falcons had to pull together and figure our early on how to play as a team. From seventh grader, Lillie Mae Sherman, to senior, Constance Hodges, the girls basketball team was spread out grade wise, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have chemistry. The eight players worked and played well together. The team even had two players named to the All Area Team: Ninth Grader, Anastasia O’Neill and Senior, Constance Hodges. Every Player scored this past season and contributed a lot to the team. Hopefully, next season there will be more players, but if not, I know the eight Lady Falcons players from this past season will figure it out.