Overcoming Writer’s Block: College Application Essays

College application reviewers simply want to understand "how you think."

Chase Johnson, Staff Writer/ Co-Editor

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College Essays can be incredibly tricky and tough to write, trust me, I speak from experience. As a senior this year, I found that no matter how much I planned and prepared for college applications, I always hit the dreaded “writer’s block.” I couldn’t find a direction when I would sit down to write; consistently, I feared that my paper wouldn’t be the “most unique” or “most witty.”

After doing some Google searches, I finally accepted that typically colleges are not expecting high school students to write an essay worthy of being published. The idea to be the first person to tell a story is, for the most part, an unrealistic expectation that causes most students to over-stress their papers. College application reviewers simply want to understand “how you think.”

I contemplated sharing several stories, but I ultimately started most of my papers with a quote that I was drawn to and tied the quote itself, along with my interpretation of its meaning, into the prompt by each respective college.

My tip is not to overstress trying to be unique, yet just let yourself be revealed through your own writing. There is nothing more intimate, aside from an interview, than an essay for a college admissions committee to get to understand your mind. Just trust the process and try to stay as calm as possible! Keep it simple.

Let me know if I can help in any way with getting organized with college applications and preparing a polished resumé. Comment or email me: [email protected]