Senior Wills – Class of 2018


Olivia Davis, Editor

Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization of the end of high school is finally setting in with the senior class. Senior Wills offer the soon-to-be graduates a chance to reflect on their time at Donoho and leave advice and memories to underclassmen and faculty members. Senior Wills often showcase each student’s personality and give insight into what they felt was important during their high school journey. Each Senior Will is also accompanied by the college that each student will be attending in the fall. Congratulations to the class of 2018!



Maryam Salame

The University of Alabama

Erin: I leave you Jerry.

Whitney: I leave you all the fun times on the soccer field and knee brace memz. I’ll miss talking to you in the hallway every day!

Judson: I leave you all the band bus rides. Never change, you’re the coolest!!

Maggie Miller: I leave you the looks we give each other every time something happens during a soccer game and all the ~super fun~ tutorial dojo times.

Samuel: I’ll miss forcing you to talk to me every time I see you.

Turner: I leave you Butch. Please take care of my cat.

Rhett: Hey Rit!


Zaurayze Rehman

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Blake – Blake, I’ll give you my immense soccer skills and my voice, since you can’t seem to say a word during a game.

Yash – You can have my broke 3-point shot that somehow goes in when you least expect it. Also, I guess you’re the best on defense now that I’m leaving.

Grayson – I leave you the memories of my patellofemoral tendonitis and your swollen ankle. You can share my broken 3-point shot with Yash, since it’s still better than yours.

Gray – You can have the random basketball shots you attempt while staring me in the eyes.

Alex – I leave you the sheer amount of times I’ve megged you in practice.

Kam – I’ll give you my speed since we both know I’m faster.

Turner – I leave you the jokes and roasts we made about Nic and the conversations we had about video games. I’ll also lift the embargo on the oil.

Nic – Nic, you can have my video game skills, because you’re going to need them if you play anything other than Skyrim.

David – I leave you the weird waves and handshakes we did in the hallways and the great taste in video games we share.

Adam – You can have all the times you told me about theatre, even though you know I hate theatre.

Grant – I leave you the random things that made us laugh (Kobe Bryant) and the roasts about Blake.

Riley and Mihir – I leave you the next generation of the soccer team. Make sure to have fun.

Drew – You can have the memories of me shutting you down during keep away drills. Feel free to take my soccer shooting skills as well, as you’re going to need them with the number of times you’ve missed. Also, get a haircut! You look like a mop!

Shawn – You know how to creep me out better than anyone else. So, for the last time, STOP.


Emma Arnold

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

To Anna Ulrey, I leave our games of hangman on band days in the choir room.

To Devin Clapper, I leave the release date of the third Trials of Apollo book.

To Jihyeon, I leave memories of sight-reading in choir and being confused over the alto part.

To Benji, I leave our attempts at conversing in Spanish despite the fact that I’ve forgotten almost everything I learned.

To Griffyn, I leave the memory of that time you got me to tell you my iPad password during tech week all those years ago.

To Sallie Grace, I leave our fun times in creative writing; I hope you continue to write.

To Chloe Phillips, I leave the impossibly low notes you can hit and a game of chess.

I wish you all the best of luck!


Saad Ibrahim

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Blake – I leave you my puns and abundant soccer skills.

Grayson – I leave you the thought that the Knicks are superior to the Grizzlies.

Reese – I leave you my full court suicides.

Turner – I leave you my immense oil wealth.

David – I leave you my forty yard dash.

Drew – I leave you a haircut that’s not a bowl cut and your graduation from third grade.

Yash – I leave you your promotion from being my subordinate on defense.

Amari – I leave you the snacks in the lounge.

Adam – I leave you to telepath with Carter freely.

Rod – I leave you my speed and vertical.

Jacob – I leave you my ankles and chemistry knowledge.

Brijesh Senthilkumar

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mihir, I leave my slow metabolism unto you.

James Perry, I don’t know what to leave to you.

Sir Trevor, I leave a Boy Scout Troop filled with new little scouts with an IQ below 50.

To my Quiz Bowl teammates, I leave you all the hope of obliterating the competition.

Jack, thine shall keep being awesome.

Harrison Han, I leave nothing for you to claim.

Camden, I leave to you my horrendous fashion sense.

Everyone else, I curse you all to forget everyone’s names just as I did.


Mac Love

Auburn University

Turner – I leave you the rides to soccer games.

Grant – I leave the future of the team to you.

Rhett – You’re a goofball.

Blake – Keep practicing.


Constance Hodges

Birmingham Southern College

Amelia, I leave you the rest of high school. You’re going to be the only family member in high school for a while, so I know it will be a little weird not having one us there with you. But, whether you need help with homework or just someone to talk to, I’ll still be here for you. I hope you make the most out of the rest of high school because it will be over before you know it! Thanks for all the laughs and the daily info all these years. I’ll miss you so much! Maybe I’ll let you come hang with me at BSC sometime. #GertrudeandPetunia

Lillie Mae, I leave you all the memories we’ve had during basketball and soccer season. You better keep playing basketball next year, and if you do I may just come back to watch. I also leave you all of my fashion tips. From my blue jean skirts to my wedges with socks, thanks for always supporting my fashion choices. Thank you again for my yellow converse, can’t wait to break them in this summer! And, I still can’t believe you’re only 12 years old, hahaha.

David, I really don’t know what to leave you because you won’t be here next year…but I hope you have fun in Virginia! I’m still waiting for you to win the Tennis State Championship.

Drew, I leave you all the “fun” bus rides back from soccer games and all the Milo’s you could ever want. I hope you continue to keep playing basketball and soccer and continue to ball out!

Jenna, I leave you the captain position for Basketball. I know y’all will do great next season with you as the leader! Just don’t let them have too much fun without me.

Campbell, I leave you the “post work” of basketball. I hope you get triple doubles next year and dunk on someone, preferably someone from Spring Garden. Go win state for me.

Amari, I leave you all the countless “heys” we exchange in the hallway.


Lily Wiedmer

The University of Alabama

To Emma Burk: Burkie! Oh, how I’ll miss you! I leave you the cheer team and weekends of planning pep rallies in the fall. Stay confident in yourself, stay organized, plan ahead, and have so much fun. Savor every moment of it…even when the pressure seems too overwhelming. Remember I’m only one phone call away! I love you!!

To Whitney Seals: Whit…I leave you with leadership over the soccer team and all we’ve done together: DDs, cheer, soccer, etc. I leave you with some advice: seize each moment of senior year; as much as you don’t want to believe it, August will turn into May, and you’ll be crossing that stage in what feels like in a blink of an eye. Never change your sweet self! Have confidence in yourself and never forget what’s important in life.

To Tyler Rigsby: I leave you with a new name: Trey.

To Yash: I also leave you with a new name: Yoshi.

To Virginia Hutto: I leave you with all the rides I’ve ever given you. I leave you with all the crazy pictures and videos I have of you being your awesome self. I leave you with Emma. Bless you. Keep her in line. Y’all don’t stray too far from home. Watch out for each other. I leave you with this advice: don’t ever change.

To Kallie: I leave you my place in the DD Club. Have so much fun, and cherish all the friends and memories you’ll make. Become involved and run for offices. Really get into the singing performance before the formal, and wear some comfy shoes because you’ll be standing for a while. Study hard, and always try your best!

To Hunter: My sweet little brother I never had…I leave you with the countless times I may or may not have embarrassed you in front of others (I don’t apologize). I leave you with the countless cheek kisses I made you give me. It’s hard to believe the Hunter who always got in trouble is now the sweet Hunter you are today. I’m so proud of you and keep your mom in line for me while I’m gone ;).

To Jack Ballard: I leave you with the family name. Don’t mess it up.

To Julia: I leave you with cheerleading and your possible future leadership over the squad. Watch the ways in which past leaders ran their squads. I have no doubt you’ll make an amazing captain some day. I leave you your entrance into high school life. As I phase out, you phase in. Make sure to study hard, and it’ll all pay off in the end. I leave you my soccer jersey and my #9. It’s been battered, bled on, rained on, sweat on and rubbed in dirt and grass. That also makes it very broken in, so it should fit you just right. There’s one condition though: you have to get one goal while wearing my jersey. I leave you with this last piece of advice: It’s okay to make mistakes. Just make sure you learn from them. Grades are important, so study hard. Immerse yourself in the things that you enjoy, and do them well. Continue to be supportive and to be everyone’s biggest cheerleader like I already know you are. Always be humble. You have a great head on your shoulders. Continue to do what’s best for YOU and not everyone else. Listen to Mom and Dad. They may make you mad, and you may think they’re unfair at times, but they only have your best interest in mind. They really do know what’s best. Also, please keep Emma in line. Keep your reputation of the “Golden Child” intact. Have so much fun these next four years. As much as you don’t want to believe the people who say high school flies by, do believe them because now I can say with the utmost experience that they were right. Never ever change who you are. Stay my sweet, compassionate, and caring littlest sister. Most importantly, throughout whatever life throws at you, keep singing.

To Emma: Goodness, where do I even begin? I leave you my closet. Whatever I don’t take to college you may keep. I leave you stacks and stacks of ACT tests and prep booklets. I leave you long nights of studying during junior year. Words of advice: do not wait until the night before to study for Ford’s tests; you will regret it the next morning when you sleep past your alarm and roll in late to his tutorials. I leave you the role as the big sister in the household. I won’t be here anymore to help buy groceries or go pick up Julia or run errands. Watch out for her next year as she enters high school. I know you remember the feeling you had as you walked into your first class of your high school career. I leave you as the frontrunner. You set the pace now. What you do Julia will do. I leave you with this advice: be a role model. You’re at that age where you’re no longer one of the youngest in the room. People look UP to you now. Listen to Mom and Dad. They’ve been in your shoes before. They know what’s best. Work hard in school, and keep your grades up. It’s so important, especially junior year. Remember to stay positive and always encourage others. Listen to your heart and conscious. Just because someone else did it doesn’t mean you should, too. Do what is best for yourself, and do what makes you happy. Continue to advance in tennis, and continue to optimize your possibilities as best you can. Before you know it, you’ll be taking senior pictures next summer, and then you’ll be turning the tassel in May 2020 just as I’m about to do in a couple weeks. You’re halfway done with high school; you can do it. Stay my sassy, lazy, and goofy little sister. Most importantly, throughout whatever life throws at you, stay stylish.


Jordan Kirk

The University of Alabama

Piper – I leave you the key club convention.

Virginia and Caroline – I leave you the crap squad on the cheer team and always standing in the back.

Grayson – I leave you all that ice ice baby!

Yash – I leave you the stain on the pool table.

Emma Burk – I leave you all of the paintings in art class.

Lexie – I leave you Waffle House dates and Monkeys we saw at the zoo.


Tyler Johnson

Auburn University

Riley – I leave any brains I have and the ability to get to school early. I also leave you with the joy of teachers calling you Tyler instead of Riley.

Harrison – I leave the Robotics team, staredowns in the hallway, sending me Instagram posts at midnight, and rides to church after school.

Alex – I leave phonics lessons in seventh period, fake Chinese accents, and burnt putt-putt boats.

Camden – Just keep bugging Harrison and Alex for broken English.

Mrs. Taylor – I leave the fun times of seventh period from outlining the qualifications of the “bases” to using your water bottle as a fire extinguisher.

Ash – I leave the screwball and cut belts.


Tucker Sedmak

United States Marine Corps

Hall Billings – To you, I leave all the “what’s up Tuck” and handshakes in the hallway. Also all the many workout sessions in the weight room. Always keep that work ethic up now and forever man, and you’ll get where you want to be.

Cole Runyon – To you, I leave all the homework I forgot about or didn’t know how to do lol, and all the talks in math class about the military and what’s going to be the best path for your future in the Air Force (you still should be joining the Marines lol). You’ve only got one more year man, remember to finish strong, and soon it’ll be your turn. “Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win”

Rhett Rigsby – To you, I leave the same Patagonia jacket we have lol. And all the “Hey Tucker’s” in the hallway.

Tyler Rigsby – To you, I leave all the rock music you would play in the weight room. And all the spots I had you do to help me bench 250lbs. Keep getting big, bro!

Harrison Han – To you, I leave all the talks about cars we had, and all the neck slaps when we passed each other in the hallway.


Noah Wright

The University of Alabama

Coach Sanders: I leave you my kicking bacce skills.

Ms. Nanson: I leave you my chess skills.

Drew and Grant: I leave you my soccer skills and knowledge so that you can win a state title.

Ms. Dewberry: I leave you my sarcasm and also my poor writing skills.


Kent Yamamuro

Colorado State University

To Trevor – I leave you every car ride and jam session we’ve had. I leave you every band I told you to listen and more. I leave you 3AM jam sessions and 8AM road trips.

To Bryant – I leave you horrible memes that no one looks at and pharmacy knowledge.

To Hugh – I leave you terrible music tastes and thrift store-valued drum sets. Also, keep making fun of yourself; it makes me laugh. Hugh, I only value you for comedy and music.

To Haley – Clap.

To Reese – I leave drake and josh. Oh and quit tennis, it’s dumb and you deserve your home territory, the gleaming goal at the end of the soccer field. Reese, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

To Rhett – I leave you Drew. Just don’t do anything weird.

To Grant – I leave you every hype up interaction and joke we shared. I’d also leave you my soccer skills but they’re too good to be shared.

To Riley – I leave you every back pat I gave you. And I’m glad you’re doing good.


Joseph O’Neill

Jacksonville State University

To Bryant Barrentine: I leave you the relay team and the “Get over her brint” jokes we made from your dad.

To Hall Billings: Barry, you miss one hundred percent of the strikes you don’t swing at.

To Dalton Nelson: I leave you the track team.

To Reid Williamon: You know what I’m gonna say.

To Rod Elston:  I leave you with the one-mile run. You need to do it at least once.

To Bradey: I leave you with all of your sideways walking and the jokes made.

To my sisters: You guys need to play soccer.


Jason Howard

The University of Alabama

Matt Brascho – I leave you with the weight of carrying forward the legend of the cone. Represent the orange brotherhood well.

Holden Abernathy – Holden, I leave with you all the balls ten feet in front of the range.

Hall Billings – I leave you with the many shenanigans and memories from Spanish and the powerful handshake bond we shared.

Yash Patel –  I leave you with all the late night Fortnite calls and our “one and one” anthem.

Grayson Marlowe – I leave you the many “and one’s” we shared in the hallway.


Cory Van Ekris

The University of Montevallo

To Mahaley Tucker – Oh Mahogany, we’ve had a lot of fun memories. I leave you all the great memories that we’ve had throughout the school years ranging from happy days and sad days. I leave you a great life and a great senior year. I hope you have a great year, and I hope our friendship never dies.

To John Noone – Johnny boy, you are such a Mahaley’s boy and I hope you stay that way. I leave you the memories that we made at your first Anniston Halloween.

To Adam Stremmel – Adam, oh Adam, I leave you luck in getting main roles in future plays. The mantle of being the eldest guy is passed down from me to you. Do not disappoint me, and try to do shows outside of school to get some good shows on your theatre resume.

Alexis Fink and Samantha Schmidt – I leave you all our inside jokes and my secrets *wink wink*. I leave you all the smiles that you give me and all the bad days turned good because of you two.

Isabella Patton and Jihyeon – I leave you all of our Trumbauer memories and the awards that we won as a group. I leave you happiness and love and talent.

Maggie Wakefield – Maggie Wakefield, I leave you the mantle of being my favorite 8th grader in your class. I leave you all the memories we made in our shows, and I leave you all the times you brightened my day when things got bad.

To DAC – Thanks for getting me into theatre because it helped me learn eventually that I love community theatre better than I love school theatre. Because of you, I expanded my horizons and got scholarships.


Blaize Dupré

Auburn University

Bryant Barentine – I leave my inferior knowledge of technology even though you don’t need it.

Alexis Fink – I leave my inferior skills in art, even though you don’t need it.

Samantha Schmick – I leave my passion to accomplish dreams and my sarcasm.

The Donoho Choir – I leave my voice.

Donoho Teachers – I leave my creativity, desire for positive change, and patience.


Abigail Swinney

Jacksonville State University

Jenna: I leave you all the diet Dr. Peppers from my fridge. Remember all things in moderation.

Whit-tha-ney: I will miss all of your sarcastic comments in the hallway & Spanish!!! I leave you Hank, the Abbagammas, and my bathroom floor in case you ever have another cookie dough sonic blast. I got you, girl.

Ernie Sanders: I leave you the sonic sign, Kate & Beaux, my locker, and my parking spot. Please try not to mess up your car anymore. Drive safe.

Annie: I leave you spoons, Old Man Taylor, and diet coke. If you know you know.

Diana: I leave you in charge of the gal pals. Keep them in line. I am counting on you!!!

Shelley: I leave you the Woot. It was #1 in my heart.

Virginia: I leave you ibuprofen, sparkling grape juice, and feta cheese.

Sarah: I leave you the karaoke machine.

Madelyn: I leave you the horn section. Make me proud.

Ivy Kate (Poison Ivy): Remember that time you bought a couch in Chattanooga when we were in a fifteen passenger van? I’m leaving you my love because I was the only one who wasn’t mad 🙂

Samo: I leave you Lucy. I am counting on you.

Marshall: I leave you with all the car rides, jam sessions, and sonic trips. You’re my 5th favorite ginger

Chloe Cater: I leave you the pep and jazz band trumpet section. Don’t let me down!!

All gal pals: I leave you the ditch across from Victory Christian.

Kate Williamon: Kate-Kate you’re my favorite gal in the whole world!! I will miss our trips to Sonic and McDonalds, dance, and tennis!! I am leaving you with fruit gummies and chips so you can continue to have your daily after-tennis snack :))

Beaux Wegrzyn: Baby Beaux!!! You look extra cute today 😉 I will miss picking you up every day and taking you to McDonald’s on Friday’s (4 piece chicken nugget, fries, apple slices, bbq sauce & sweet tea). I am leaving you with an abundance of cartwheels, sweet tea, and Erin, of course. I love you Baby Beaux!!!! <3

Hannah Salame: I leave you with Ian and BuzzFeed unsolved.

Claire Walker: Hey Claire Walker! I will miss all of your “Hey Abby Swinney”’s in the hallway every day. Love you loads :))


Buddy Ray

The University of Alabama

Blake – I leave you my Donoho Joe shift that you never showed up to.

Jacob – I leave you my amazing golf game.

Harrison – I leave you our intense golf bets.

Yash – I leave you our encounters in the hall.

Grant – I leave you my mustache.

Jack – Hey

Grayson – You are the master now.

Tyler – I leave you all my sleeveless shirts.

Rod, Amari, Dekari – My boys

Caroline – I leave you my love.

Virginia – Stop being so weird.

Alexis – Best prom date


Liily Zhu

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lesly H: Taco Pinata

Alex C: I leave you my luck in PUBG where you will not see anyone until you are in the top 10, and always able to find M4 and 8x Scopes in the first house you go.

Aammna L: Tea 🙂

Harrison H: Harry bearie

Angelina L: I leave you my books, notes, iBook account and a lot of perfumes.

Cole R: Duct Tape


Chase Johnson

Pepperdine University

To Haley Holmes:  WOW. I am going to miss you. I am so thankful that you told me my shoe was untied in the Dojo about my second week in at Dho! I’ll miss our vent sessions, beach trips, and all the random things that we do!  I leave you with unlimited FaceTime calls, trips to Malibu, and trips to New York! Let them eat cake!! I LOVE YOU!

To Emma Burk Owsley:  Don’t let the 7th-period art class get boring next year! I leave you with all the best insider info!

To  Donoho Drama: I  love each and every one of you!  I am sorry that I couldn’t put all of the names (I would fill a book with what I could write about y’all),  but I pray that each of you realize the blessing that you all have with this program! My ninth graders will not let me down next year when I come home for the spring play!!!! I leave you with the spotlight! P.S.: Thank you, Mrs. Burrage.

To Isabella Patten: YOU ARE BRILLIANT.  Seriously one of the most precocious, forward-thinking individuals I know. You’re going to be insanely successful. I leave you with my try-hard-self and peace when you’re applying to all the best schools in the world.

To Griffyn, Julia, and Cailin: THANK  YOU FOR ALWAYS  SAYING HEY IN THE HALLS!  I leave you with the smiles that you guys always put on my face!

To Virg and Emma: I leave you with a direct line to Witt and me, all the tea, and SNAPCHAT STREAKS!!!

To  Dawson Camp: Click-clack.  Never forget the new, the old, and the NONE! And where you stand on that list! I leave you with all the bougie life has to offer!

To  Abby Ulrey: I love you!! Have the best senior year, and I leave you with all of our inside jokes!

To  Donoho: Don’t wish time away, I  promise it will only seem like a few months after you read this you will be writing your own.


Tej Patel

The University of Alabama

Grant: I leave you the soccer team and all the Fortnite games you’ve choked at my house. Don’t ever think about quitting soccer either Cornflake, stick with it and enjoy it while it lasts. Baseball can wait.

Drew: I also leave you the soccer team and all the memories you will make from it. You also better stick with it Coconut.

Blake: I leave you the football team and sadly the soccer team with your wicked skills. Don’t wish the year to go away; it’ll be here before you know it Private Bluebork.

Yash: Ole Spleen, I leave you one more year at Donoho filled with great memories. Don’t hope to get every day over with ’till it’s graduation, you will miss everyone and everything that has helped you along the way. You better put the football and soccer teams on your shoulder and keep on pushing. Enjoy it while it lasts, love you man.


Jack Svensen

Auburn University

To the golf team: A long 5-year journey with the boys has been pretty tight. Carry it on next year. Gonna miss y’all.

To Kenneth Beckwith: You are a legend. You have the heart of a lion.

Reid, Edwin, Ty, and David: Built my legacy, driving Bentley’s not no Lexuses. Y’all some dawgs.

Grant Steed: The youngest of the grasshoppers- you’re a young blood stunner full of potential in the years to come.

Blake Steed: The middle of the grasshopper- the Stanley Steamer himself. Hold it down next year.

Hall Billings: What’s up guy. Glad we got to hold down the Dojo together.

Grayson Marlowe: Thank you for the Uber. You, along with KB, have the heart of a lion – the Lion boys. Keep your spirits high and your head on a swivel for football. Enjoy senior year. Might be working for you in the future. Remember me.


Madison Gaines

The University of Alabama

To Lexie, I leave you lake days and the art room with Ms. Landrum. Always mess with her and make her tell you stories. If you’re ever in trouble, just do what you did at Waffle House after the football game 😉 ALSO! You will be a Bama student if it’s the last thing you do. Can’t wait for you to come stay with me. I LOVE YOU! Roll Tide!

To my sweet Burkie, I hope you always stay sassy. It’s my favorite thing. I leave you the comfiest couch in the lounge; you will take the best naps there. You will now become Ms. Landrum’s favorite senior, so take advantage of that. You will be the best cheer captain and I can’t wait to come back and watch you! I love you tons!!!

Dear Yash, you are my favorite Patel. Keep saying hey to literally everyone in the hallway because you always make my day with your goofy smile. Love you a lot.

To Ty, I wish you had come to Donoho sooner. BUT I’m so glad you’re here and you better look after Lexie. You’re so fun, keep being you!!!


Olivia Davis

The University of Alabama

Turner, I leave you all of the car ride jam sessions to school and all of your games I sat in the stands for. I guess we’re graduating from Donoho together lol…

Nic, please stop showing up at my house at random times with food for you and Turner. Having to watch y’all have a date night in my own home is weird.

Claire, I leave you a broken bed….I’m still so sorry!

Whitney, I leave you the DD Club! You’re going to rock as the new VP!!

Payne, I leave you art class.

Bryant, I leave you the SGA. You’ll be such an outstanding Student Body President!

Jenna, Sarah, and Whitney, I leave y’all the Gauntlet. You guys were such a huge help this year, and I know y’all will be even better next year!

Shelley, I leave you Girls State. It’ll change your life!

Cailin, I leave you all of the conversations we had at the Y during your swim practices.

Savannah, I leave you our Donoho Joe shifts.

Ms. Dewberry, I leave you all of the lunch meetings we had this past year.

Mr. Ford, I’m sorry for being such a try-hard in your classes and constantly asking about my grades.

Mrs. Cotton, I leave you The Penfeather. You have been an excellent leader!

Coach Sanders, Talons out!!


Shelby Huckaby

Jacksonville State University

Ivy Kate: My little sis!!! I leave you the “hey baby!!!”’s in the hall every day!  I leave you all the calls when I’m late to my car to take you home! I’m going to miss all of our tears and rants!  I’m gonna miss you the most! Lastly, I leave you my Jeep 🙂 I love you forever!!!

MY BABIES (Emma and Virginia): I leave both of you a wrecked Jeep and a spare tire.  I’m gonna miss you two so much!! I love both of you loads!!!

Burkie: I leave you all the dark, thick paintings and digging in my locker for things you need 😉  I love u loads!

Harrison Hughston: I leave you all the times I left you at school before you could drive and the 362869264628 “Hey Shelby”’s in the hall. I love you lots bud!! Have the best senior year!

Ernie: I leave you all the awkward stares. Don’t forget your homework next year!!   

Piper: Thanks for taking my spot in the DD Club. I leave you all the times I didn’t go to DD events and I leave you the formal, have so much fun!

Caroline and Lexie: I leave y’all the laps we had to run at cheer. I love u guys <3

Griffyn, Emma Kate, Gracie M, and Julia: I leave all of you the sweet years of high school and staying out of drama. You sweet babies, lots of love.  

Baby G (Garrett Burgess): You’ll forever be Baby G to me. I hope you don’t get tired of it! Lots of love sweet thing!!


Sonia Kashyap

Emory University

Sarah Gibson: I am going to leave you the choir room for our semi-quiet conversations in the back of the room. I am going to miss our laughing sessions that we have for literally no reason at all and calling you “Sarah Gib” every day for roll call. I love you and I’m going to miss seeing your contagious laugh every day walking down the hallway.

Julia Wiedmer: I love you and I am going to miss your huge smile and amazing personality always making my day. Ever since our mathletes trip together I knew you were super special. You brighten people’s day by just walking into a room. When you are passionate about something you get excited over it and make it so unbelievably perfect. You are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see you grow up. There is nothing much to leave to you because you have it all… but some advice “never stop being you”.

Ariana Spencer: GIRLLLLL I leave you all my fashion sense that I have (even if you don’t need it) and all my sass that I have (again you don’t need it). I love you so much Ariana, I am so glad that I got to know you. You are so compassionate and funny and I can’t wait to see you one day selling your own designer clothes.

Macey Thompson: I leave you my long distance running skills. I am going to miss having a partner in crime to run with. You are so sweet and always smiling and I can’t wait to see you run cross country next year!

Slade Haney: To you, I leave you Julia… I love you and I can’t wait to see you when you come visit me at your future swim meets. You are so talented at literally everything you put your mind to and you inspire me every day to be as kind and driven as you are.

Mercy Mangum: I leave you Virginia, please take of her (as best as you can). I love you and your goofy self so much. You never fail to make me laugh and I am going to miss your much-needed Hugs!

Virginia Mangum: I leave the choir room where we first became friends. I also leave you my giraffe print gown because you rock it way better than I do. And I leave you the track team… the last of the original squad. I am going to miss you so much, but I promise I will come back and have tons of lunch dates or pool dates ;). You have changed me for the better. I would not be who I am today without your crazy presence… I love you.

Sarah Waggoner: I leave the whole Donoho track for you. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to get to know you. You are so funny and sweet. I loved coming to track to get to see you already knowing the game plan and us both complaining that long distance runners have so much more to do.

Samantha, Alexis, and Jihyeon: I leave you guys the “only choir members”. Every day I see you guys, you are always laughing about something different and I love that it’s usually about the most random things. You three are the ultimate best friend goals.

Rod and Amari: You guys are the best! I will miss our daily hugs and short conversations in the hallway. Rod, I am leaving it up to you to get Amari to do track and you to win some state medals. Amari, I am leaving you with all your pick up lines.

My 4×8 team: I am just leaving you guys with a personal thank you for making my senior year track season one of the best seasons.

Judson Billings: I am going to leave you my skills of getting out of choir.

Samuel Swinney: I love you!! I am going to miss our daily run-ins!!

Anna Ulrey: I leave you all my hangman skills. I love you girl!! I can’t wait to see you in the UAB medical program!!!