Donoho Participates in All State and All-State Show Choir



Alexis Fink, Staff Writer

In November, some of our students auditioned for the annual All-State Choir and All-State Show Choir. Students participating received music for the category they selected.  Categories included SSAA, TTBB, SATB, and Middle School Mixed. For some, this was their first time to experience participating in the world of music and seeing just how competitive it can be. For others, this was something they’ve done for many years now. Some of the students who participated in this year’s All-State Choir audition and we’re selected for one of the choirs listed above are as follows:

Mahaley Tucker

Lillie-Mae Sherman

Chloe Cater

Slade Haney

Cailin Campbell

Julia Wiedmer

Chloe Phillips

Marshall Twigg

This is a very intense process in which students must learn seven pieces of music and perform a section from each song in front of a judge individually.

All-State Show Choir auditions are even more selective. This process involves learning more pop-based songs which are totally different than the regular classical All-State Choir music. Also, students have to learn some choreography for the songs. To audition, one would submit a video of the dance and songs that they are asked to perform. Last, to be selected to participate in this group you have to make it to both All-State Choir and Show Choir. The students who auditioned for Show Choir and made it are as follows:

Mahaley Tucker

Chloe Cater

We are so proud of these students and wish them the best of luck on their performances on March 7th, 8th, and 9th!