Engaging His Passion: Jonas Abernathy Interview


Sanjana Mupparaju, Staff Writer

As we all know, Donoho is filled with plenty of talented students who engage their passions daily. After all, we do follow our school’s motto LEAD. Recently, Jonas Abernathy played Barnaby in CAST’s production of Hello, Dolly. He has previously performed in Donoho’s productions The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the lower school’s production of The Lion King. Other plays he has done outside of school were Seussical, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and many more. One time, he won an award for his acting in the role of The Herald. This was the all-star award male which is awarded to the best supporting actor. I recently asked him a few questions about acting.


Q: How much time out of your week do you devote to these plays?

A: At least one day a week, although when it is tech week which is basically one week before the show, you practice the whole week


Q: You get a lot of main parts. Do you think in the future you want to do something with acting?

A: I would love to do something in acting. The theatre is where is where I got my start but I would love to go into television shows or even movies


Q: What attracted you to acting?

A: When I was in 4th grade I really didn’t have a real outlet. I didn’t like sports so my mom decided to enroll me into Cast Kids and it just took off from there.


Q: What was your favorite role that you’ve played?

A: Probably this most recent role of Barnaby because this is the first big role in the main CAST and not CAST kids.


Q: What was your favorite show that you’ve seen as an audience member and why?

A: Probably Dear Evan Hansen because it was so real and showed real issues in today’s world


Q: Is it true that your mom was in the latest show? And how did you feel about that?

A: It was kinda funny because she has never really been in a play so it was a new experience for her and I got to teach her some things instead of me being taught something.


We wish Jonas the best of luck in his future performances!