Trumbauer 2018


Isabella Patten, Staff Writer

This fall, our Donoho theatre students will have the opportunity to participate in the Trumbauer Theatre Festival. Trumbauer is a theatre competition in which students may not only perform in a forty-five minute one-act show but can also compete in individual events in front of a panel of judges. Winning shows and individuals from each district may advance to state where they can compete for further awards at a higher level.

     The Trumbauer competition provides a fun way for students all across Alabama to collaborate and bond over a shared passion: theatrical arts. It’s also a rewarding way to express any passion, not just acting or singing.

“So many of our students make friends at this competition that they see year after year.  It is a wonderful way to meet peers who share your passion,” said Ashley Burrage, our Fine Arts Department Coordinator. “Getting out of your comfort zone is always a challenge and I encourage students who are interested in writing, design, or acting/singing to give Trumbauer a shot. Having an opportunity to be recognized for an artistic accomplishment is, in itself, unique. The last two years we have had many Donoho students advance to State and then place at the State level.  At the State awards ceremony, almost 4,000 people are crammed into a HUGE theatre together. Walking on that stage and receiving your award in front of an auditorium roaring with cheers and applause is an experience you will never forget!”

Our Trumbauer One-Act this year is titled “A Competition Piece.” It is a comedy centering around three different schools participating in a theatre competition, and the show depicts the struggles and humor that can come with it. Outside of the one-act, a large number of students are participating in individual events.


These individual events include:

Maggie Wakefield- Novice Solo Pantomime

Adam Stremmel and Sarah Gibson- Varsity Duet Acting Classical Comedic

Griffyn Burrage- Novice Solo Acting Classical Dramatic

AJ Long- Novice Playwriting

Chloe Phillips- Novice Playwriting

Mahaley Tucker- Varsity Playwriting

Mahaley Tucker- Varsity Solo Female Musical Comedic

Chloe Cater- Varsity Solo Female Musical Dramatic

Autumn Hines- Novice Solo Female Musical Dramatic 

Haley Holmes-Varsity Solo Female Musical Comedic

Marshall Twigg- Novice Solo Male Dramatic

Sarah Gibson and Isabella Patten- Varsity Duet Musical Comedic

Adam Stremmel- Varsity Costume Design


All students participating in Trumbauer will have the opportunity to showcase their events and the one-act play on October 30 in the Donoho Cafetorium for all who wish to attend. They go to the competition at JSU on November 3rd. The Donoho School wishes them the best of luck during the competition.