Football Interview with Hall Billings


Virginia Hutto , Sports' Column Co-Editor

It is the most wonderful time of the year— Football!
Here is an interview with our one and only starting quarterback… *drumroll*… Hall Billings.


Q: What were your expectations pre-season for football? Are you surprised by any outcomes for games the team has had this season?

A: “Pre-season I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was not going to even play this season until the last few weeks of summer. Once I came in and looked around me I realized we had a pretty good looking team this season. I thought that we had a great chance at having a winning record and making the playoffs. The Winterboro game was what I think changed the team. that tough atmosphere and the way the game went brought us closer together as a team.”


Q: How would you describe the challenges of playing such a stressful game in front of a huge crowd? Are there times when the pressure is more palpable than others? How does the crowd affect one’s performance?

A: “Once we are on the field, the pressure of the fans goes away. For me, I know that having a big crowd almost relaxes me and makes me realize that everyone in the community is counting on us to play our best and represent them well. Pressure is always existent, but I personally don’t think that the pressure of the crowd really affects a player. The crowd is almost a boost. When the opposing team puts up a big crowd, it is definitely intimidating but it is fun if we go out there and win the game.”


Q: Since you are a senior, what are you going to miss most about football? What impact do you want to leave on the younger players? Do you have any advice to offer?

A: “I will miss the days of sitting in coach’s office and cutting up with some of my closest friends. I will miss the bonds created over the past 6 years with people I may not have the most in common with. But most of all, I will miss the competition of getting to put on those pads and going into a battle with the opposing team. Football is a unique sport that aggression and anger are almost necessary. For every younger player in any sport, not just football, I hope they realize that it’s about brotherhood and bonding towards one goal: winning. Arguing and fighting with your teammates is not necessary. Just give it your best all the time and the results will end up how they were meant to be. My biggest piece of advice to younger football players is don’t be scared to make a big play. Always ask to get reps on the varsity. it is never too early to start making plays.”


Q: What other achievements are you striving for the rest of the season?

A: “I have no personal achievements other than winning every game. As a team, I hope we can start to flow more as a team on both sides of the ball and win every game. I hope we embarrass Victory Christian this week because I hate losing to them.”



We wish Hall and the rest of the football good luck on their game tonight!