Volleyball Season 2018


Emily Poe and Cailin Campbell, Staff Writers

This year, the Donoho Volleyball programs have had very successful seasons. Junior High B finished with a 24-3 record and Junior High A had a 36-11 record. Junior High B’s achievements include first place in the Donoho JH B Invitational, advancement to the the semi-finals at the Alexandria tournament, and second place in the Oxford Tournament. Next, JH A’s  accomplishments this year include getting second place in the Donoho JH Invitational, first place in the JH A Wellborn Invitational, first place in the JH A Oxford Tournament, and finishing second place in the County Tournament after a very close final. Varsity, as of right now, has a 30-15 record. Some of their achievements from this past season include finishing third in the Faith Tournament, advancing to the semifinals in the White Plains Tournament, winning the silver bracket at the Donoho Classic, getting second place at the Wellborn Tournament, and being runner-up in our area. Varsity still has a game against Sacred Heart at 6:00 on October 23rd, which is the game that decides whether they will continue to regionals or not. We are wishing them the best as they travel to Faith Christian School!

On another note, we interviewed Jenna Stremmel (captain), Maggie Miller (co-captain), Mary Marshall Perry, and Coach Jamie Clendenin to get their thoughts on the season and share some of their own accomplishments. We asked Jenna what her goals were starting off the season. She responded with, “My goal for this season was not to have a losing streak, and so far we have done that.” She continued with, “Hopefully, we can get to state!” We asked Maggie Miller how the team has impacted her life, she said, “The team and the people have impacted my life because I don’t think I would have met them if I didn’t play volleyball and some of them are my really close friends. It’s a lot of fun and I am glad I met them through volleyball, something we all love.” We asked Mary Marshall how it felt to be on the all-county team as an 8th grader and she replied with, “Pretty good! I worked really hard for it. It was really fun to be on the all-county team.” Last but not least, we interviewed the head coach for all the teams, Coach Clendenin. We asked him what his favorite accomplishment was this season and he remarked, “Getting 30 wins is pretty good! We’ve also been pretty adamant about not focusing on wins, but focusing on the small things we have to do to get better and wins will come. It was pretty cool to see that.”

The school can’t wait to see what the volleyball program has to left bring this year and in the future years. We can’t wait for another great season!