Cross Country 2018


Isabella Patten, Staff Writer

The Donoho Cross Country team has put out a fantastic showing this season. Setting numerous personal records and consistent top twenty rankings, the team has collectively shown their best efforts with amazing results. Just recently, they attended the Calhoun County Championship on October 25th. Hannah Salame led the Donoho girls’ team with a time of 26 minutes and 29 seconds in the Girls’ 5k, followed by Emma Obermaier with a time of 28 minutes and 11 seconds. Kam Thomas led the boys with a time of 19 minutes and 21 seconds, followed by John Larkin Perry with a time of 21 minutes and 58 seconds.

This year, our team consists of:

Sarah Green, junior

Sallie Grace Hodges, senior

John Noone, senior

Emma Obermaier, eighth grade

Mihir Patel, freshman

James Perry, senior

John Larkin Perry, eighth grade

Hannah Salame, junior

Adam Stremmel, junior

Carter Stremmel, freshman

Kam Thomas, junior

Cross country is a sport that requires a high amount of focus. While it seems very simple, running might be harder than other sports when it comes to willpower. “Cross country relies on focus above all things,” Sarah Green, a runner for our girls’ varsity team, explained. “Running is a mental game where other sports require physical coordination. Cross country runners have to be determined and persevere no matter the conditions. Most of the time we are using our brain more than our legs to keep us going.”

While cross country is a fairly individual sport, it has its own kind of community. While everyone wants to win and be the fastest, everyone is still working towards the same goal. “Both fans and runners cheer on their competitors, probably because they know the kind of struggle that we’re going through as we run,” said Adam Stremmel, one of our boys’ varsity runners. “When you pass a runner that’s walking, they occasionally offer words of encouragement to you as you jog past, and many also encourage the walkers as they jog past them.  At the end of a race, everyone is cheering for everyone, regardless of their team. They know you’ve suffered for 3 miles of running and they cheer you to let you know that you’re almost there.”

On Friday, November the 2nd, the Cross Country team competed in the AHSAA 1A/2A Sectionals at Ohatchee High School to determine the rest of their season. Hannah Salame advanced to state with a time of 26 minutes that put her in 16th place in the Girl’s 5k. Kam Thomas also advanced to state with a time of 21 minutes and 4 seconds, placing him in 23rd place in the Boy’s 5k. They will be competing at the Alabama Cross Country State Championship on November 10th in Moulton, Alabama. We wish them the best of luck there!