Cheer Competition

Virginia Hutto, Sports Column Co-Editor

This article features an interview with junior Caroline Lee, and it gives insight to Donoho’s first cheer competition team.

Q: What exactly is the cheer competition team and what expectations do you have for the team this year?

A: “The competition cheer team practices and performs a routine that’s about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Our routine has tumbling, jumps, stunts, a cheer, and a dance. My expectations for this year’s team are very high because we have worked so hard on perfecting our routine, and I know how talented our squad is.”

Q: How is each cheer routine judged? Are certain things worth more point than others?

A: “Each cheer routine is judged by each section. The dance, jumps, and tumbling is not worth near as much as the stunts are. If any stunts are dropped, we get major points counted off.”

Q: What were your thoughts and feelings for winning third place at the first cheer competition that Donoho has ever competed in?

A: “When we won third place in our first competition, everyone was definitely excited, especially because this is the first time Donoho has had a cheer competition team. We were up against many 4A schools, and we still happened to rank in the top 3. Our team still has some improvements that need to be achieved before the regionals and state, but overall I’m so proud of all of the girls and the hard work they have put in for the team!”