Featured Art Student: Whitney Seals


Isabella Patten, Staff Writer

The Donoho Arts Collaborative Visual Arts Program provides a fun and relaxing way to improve artistic skills for many students. Today, I interviewed Whitney Seals to get more insight on the class.Whitney is a senior this year, and has taken art with Mrs. Landrum since the 9th grade. When thinking back on why she started in the first place, she remembers her grandmother.

“When I was little my grandmother took me to art lessons every Tuesday after school for several years until life got too busy and I was unable to go,” she said. “Once I was given the opportunity to take art at Donoho, I jumped on it because I remembered art as something I always enjoyed participating in! Looking back at my high school career I am tremendously grateful that I signed up for art because it really gave me an outlet for self-expression. I have also found that through painting and drawing I have been able to relieve stress.”

Art class, for many, is an enjoyable way to take a break in the middle of the school day. We all need a break and taking a moment to create a work of art is both relaxing and fulfilling. Whitney likes making her art the most when she doesn’t have an exact plan.

“I always mess with Mrs. Landrum about when we are going to do intuitive paintings! It’s my favorite style of painting! You go into it without a plan and whatever happens, happens! You change your painting so many times and keep working at it until you get what you want. I love that.”

I asked her about how Mrs. Landrum made her art class better, and she had a lot to say!

“When I first entered her class, it was like I had never seen a pencil or a paintbrush before… I was so bad. But she does a great job of teaching the basics and helping you develop your own personal style. She pushes us out of our comfort zone… a lot. One day we’ll be painting a ceiling tile, and the next we’ll be paper macheing giant puppet heads. It’s not conventional, but that’s what makes it fun! Also, she is great at broadening our horizons! I’ve learned so much about different painters, and not just the mainstream ones that everybody knows. ”

The painting featured is one of Whitney’s favorites. For this “ceiling tile project,” students choose one painting to recreate on the ceiling tiles in Mrs. Landrum’s room. Whitney chose to paint a semi-abstract, colorful landscape. She looks forward to the rest of the semester and all of the artistic endeavors she will tackle along the way!