Featured Band Student: Erin Swinney


Sarah Gibson, Editor

At The Donoho School, we pride ourselves on our Fine Arts’ Program. One of the programs we are most proud of is our band. I had a brief interview with senior, Erin Swinney, about Donoho’s band program.

Q: What’s your favorite part about band?

A: “My favorite part is when it’s a full band day, and we are all in tune and are actually playing well together.”

Q: Do you like concert or pep band better and why?

A: “I really love pep band because I like getting to go to all of the football games while getting to play music with my friends.”

Q: Do you feel like band has affected your life in any way?

A: “Band has taught me many of the leadership skills that I will be able to carry with me after I graduate.”

Q: Would you recommend band to a younger student? 

A: “Yes, I would because it encourages leadership, teamwork, and is a great way to try something new!”

Q: Last question, what’s your favorite song to play?

A: “I really enjoy the song we are currently playing, La La Land, because it is from one of my favorite soundtracks and it is really fun to play.”

We can’t wait to see what our band plays at their Spring Concert!