Black History Month

Sarah Green , Co-Editor

This Friday, February 1st, marks the start of Black History Month. Since the 1970s, the month of February has officially been a celebration of African American achievement. Black History Month was created to encourage the study of African American history in public schools. Specifically, the event was chosen to honor important figures in African American history, such as Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. The anniversary for the foundation of the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) also falls during Black History Month.

Today, Black History Month is celebrated all around the world and in many different ways. Museums hold exhibits on African American art. Black musicians demonstrate the influence of African American culture on music. Many modern movies show an increased appreciation for Black history. Black History Month is also celebrated at many schools across the country. Here at Donoho, a surprise guest speaker will discuss the importance of celebrating African American achievement with the student body on February 21st.