Children of Eden Cast and Practices


Sanjana Mupparaju, Staff Writer

This year’s play is Children of Eden, a musical based on the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah. It’s a stark contrast to any plays done before at Donoho being composed of almost fifty songs and essentially no talking. These characters are known in multiple cultures and religions and the story focuses on family relationships. Ashley Burrage, the director, hopes that the play “brings hope.  Many of the songs in the show repeat this theme, and it is my hope that this play unifies us.” She feels that in “our country today we have many issues that divide us. The heart of this play is unity, and I hope it brings us together in a unique way.”

Practices run on Monday from 5 to 7 and Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 to learn the music. The choreography is on Saturdays from 9 to 12. The students are working incredibly hard on probably the most complex play done at Donoho. Make sure to go see it!  Below is the full cast list.


Adam Stremmel



Slade Haney



Isabella Patten



AJ Long


Mama Noah

Mahaley Tucker



Jonas Abernathy



Carter Stremmel



Marshall Twigg



Griffyn Burrage


The Snake

Chloe Cater

Vivian Smith

Lizzie Whyte

Blair Kitchen

Anne Locke Driggers

Autumn Hines


Young Cain

Hannah Hardin


Young Abel

Addie Tucker



Benji Coleman



Anne Locke Driggers



Lizzie Whyte



Kelsie Gilmore



Amarion Smedley


Seth’s Wife

Autumn Hines


Seth’s children

Bruce Downey

Morgan Perry

Callee Taylor


Soloist  “End of a Perfect Day”

Lizzie Whyte


Soloist 1 “Wasteland/Wilderness Family”

Chloe Cater


Soloist 2 “Wasteland/Wilderness Family”

Vivian Smith


Soloist 3 “Wasteland/Wilderness Family”

Marshall Twigg


Soloist for Death of Abel

Marshall Twigg



Chloe Cater

Dawson Camp*

Bruce Downey

Anne Locke Driggers

Autumn Hines

Sallie Grace Hodge

McKayla Kelley*

Blair Kitchen

Anastasia O’Neill*

Victoria O’Neill*

Morgan Perry

Vivian Smith

Callee Taylor

Maggie Wakefield*

Lizzie Whyte

Julia Wiedmer*

(*4th quarter enrichment)


Stage Managers:

Susanna Harrell

Samantha Schmick


Assistant Stage Managers:

Vishwa Patel

Chloe Phillips



Camden Kitchen


Assistant Sound:

Caeden Patten


Follow Spot Operators:

Harrison Han

Cainan Stacks


Lighting design Assistant:

Benji Coleman


Dance Choreographer Assistant:

Julia Wiedmer


Fight Choreographer Assistant:

Anastasia Budrevich


Backstage Ensemble Leaders:

Anastasia Budrevich

Kallie Callan

Maya Duncan

Rodricus Elston

Lesly Hernandez

Diana Musa

Mya Pearson

Erin Swinney



Madison Brown

Artsiom Budrevich

Ivy Kate Hughston

Will Nelson

Yana Osokova

Naira Rehman

Amarion Smedley

Ayesha Siddiqua



Madison Brown