Club Startups


Emily Poe, Staff Writer

A number of clubs are available at Donoho. Returning clubs from previous years are the Women’s Empowerment Club, Knox Concert Service Committee, French Club, El Club de Espanol, FCA/FCS, the Key Club, Debate Club, and the Builders Club. The new clubs are the Science Club, the American Sign Language Club, the Recycling Club, the Art Club, and the Chess Club. Each of the clubs has hosted numerous activities for students this year, including meetings and discussions, community service opportunities, and guest speakers. All of the clubs have grown students’ knowledge of what is of interest to them.

The clubs returning this year have also had some changes, such as the change in leadership roles from faculty to students. The Spanish Club, renamed this year to El Club de Espanol, has returned. This club is now being led by Sailor Mao. So far, El Club de Espanol has hosted meetings and served lunch for club members on Three Kings Day. Along with El Club de Espanol, FCA/FCS (led by Jacob Leroy), which also returned from years before, has also had activities, such as prayer breakfasts for the football team before games. The Key Club provided several opportunities this year for students to do community service, such as Building Bicycles and Operation Christmas Child.

The clubs that have joined Donoho this year have also provided many functions for students. The Recycling Club, started this year by Sallie-Gracie Hodge and Madelyn Thompson, has given students outside of the club the chance to recycle the things they use daily. The Science Club was also added this year, started by Angelina Liu. This club has had meetings in order to further grow the members knowledge of science. Another new club this year is American Sign Language Club, or ASL, which was started by Cailin Campbell.

While starting the American Sign Language Club, Cailin Campbell created many goals for this year. She said that her main goal for the club was to teach people about the deaf community and to help members understand how to interact with deaf people. Cailin has achieved so far this year by inviting a deaf guest speaker and by having meetings where the members can practice sign language. Cailin wants to complete her goals this year by hosting more guest speakers and teaching the members more sign language.

Some other clubs that have been restarted and are now being led by students are the Knox Concert Series Committee- Harrison Han, Debate Club- Benji Coleman, Chess Club- Chloe Phillips, French Club- Sarah Gibson, Women’s Empowerment- Sarah Green, and Art Club- Alexis Fink.