Featured Actor: Adam Stremmel


Isabella Patten, Staff Writer

Donoho’s Theatre has grown tremendously over the past few years. While acting is a major part of putting on a show, there are so many other factors that go into making a play happen! There’s set design, costumes, light, sound, stagehands, and much more. Our featured actor, Adam Stremmel, has done pretty much everything there is to do when it comes to theatre. Adam is an award-winning actor and costume designer and has contributed a large amount of help to Donoho’s theatre community. His costume designs have won first place for two years in a row in the State Trumbauer Competition, and he was awarded All-Star Cast this past year.


“I started actual theatre in the 3rd grade playing a GPS in a small church play,” said Adam. “During middle school, I didn’t do theatre because I wasn’t sure how good I’d be. In ninth grade, I heard we were doing Aladdin and decided to do Trumbauer in preparation. Then, I got cast as the Sultan during Aladdin auditions, and I just kept going from there.”


This year, Adam is the lead in our spring musical, Children of Eden, in the role of Father, a God-like figure. From the moment the musical was announced, he was ready to get to work.


“The music itself is incredible, and it’s written by Stephen Schwartz, the composer of Wicked,” he said. “I love the overall message of the show and its religious background. I love the role of Father because he wants the best for his children even if it means making hard decisions, which reminds me of many  important adult figures in my life.”


Aside from acting, Adam is a very valuable asset to the technical side of our theatre department. He not only won awards for his costume designs but has designed and helped make many of our set pieces used in shows the last few years. Last year, he designed several scenes for The Little Mermaid, our Trumbauer one-act A Competition Piece, and is currently designing and constructing several set pieces for Children of Eden, focusing on the Tree of Knowledge.


“The design for the Tree of Knowledge came about from a video I saw where several flat sheets of material were used to make a semi 3D object. I thought that the same idea could work for a stage production so I made a miniature model, then applied the idea to larger sheets of fabric.”


While experimenting with many aspects of theatre, the actual acting has a better appeal to Adam.


“I find more enjoyment in acting but I definitely love the technical aspect of shows. Whenever I hear of a show I’m always researching their sets or puppets. I just like being up on stage a little more. I like getting to play another person because, a lot of times, it’ll be a character that’s completely different from my normal personality. In our most recent show I got to play a really stuck up character that is completely different from how I usually act. It was one of my favorite roles that I’ve ever played!”


Children of Eden is May 3rd and 4th at OPAC. Come see both Adam and the rest of our outstanding cast for an amazing show!