Diana Musa

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The Ditch

    On January 24, 2018, six of my friends and I got stuck in a ditch and had no way out. Before I get to the incident, here is a little back story. Jenna’s birthday was coming up and she wanted us to watch her basketball game against Victory Christian, and afterward we would have dinner at her place and spend the night there. Sounds fun, right? Everyone was free that Friday, and we all decided that we should carpool to Victory since it would be easier. There were two cars for the night. Erin was driving in one car and so was Madelyn in the other car. Sarah went with Madelyn, and I decided to go with Erin, as did Annie Hillman, Shelley Phillips, Virginia Mangum, and Abby Swinney.

   No one wanted to drive, so Erin offered, even though she did not want to. So after, school we all went to the Swinney’s to meet up. Right before we left, we all had a weird feeling. I personally had a bad feeling about going over to Victory just for a couple of hours, and so did the others. However, none of us said anything about how we felt.

   We all got in the car and took off for the 35-minute ride. When we left, it was around 5:30 P.M. since Jenna’s game started at 6:00 P.M. Thirty minutes later, we were in Pell City about to turn into Victory; however, instead of taking the left turn to go to Victory, Erin took a right turn. The only issue with this was that the right turn was the interstate exit. I heard Annie yell Erin’s name since we were about to crash. Erin saw that the exit she took was the wrong way and turned right from that exit onto the side of the road.

    Once Erin pulled over to the grassy part of the road, we all took a second to realize what had just happened. Next thing you know Erin and Abby are yelling about directions. Once they stopped arguing, we all decided that we should still go to Jenna’s game since we were only ten minutes late by that point.

   Well, that’s when the situation got worse. Erin put the car in reverse, but instead of the car moving back, the wheels turned. At that moment we all realized that the car was stuck in the mud due to all of the rain from the week. Abby then told Erin to put it in four-wheel drive, but the wheels kept turning. There was no way of getting out! Not only were we stuck in a ditch, but we were also getting stared at by multiple people from the interstate. By that point we all panicked not knowing what to do since calling our parents was too risky and calling the cops was not the move. Abby then yelled at Erin to get out of her seat, so that she could try getting us out. Abby did all that she could, but she knew that there was no way out. Virginia then called her sister for help, but she was in Tennessee. We then called Sarah and Madelyn telling them that we were going to be late since Sarah and Madelyn were already at Victory waiting for us.

   Our last resort was to call our parents for help, but we didn’t have too. A truck pulled up next to our car asking if we needed help, and obviously we said yes. The guy walked out of his car with a rope to attach to his truck onto ours to get us out. A few seconds later, a tow truck pulled up! This was a miracle. The guy offered to get us out with no charge. Once the car got pulled out from the mud, we all thanked both men that took their time out of their day to come help six teenage girls. Once we got out, it was 6:45 P.M., and we all decided to go to Chick-fil-A in Pell City to get some milkshakes and cool off. We then had a crying session in the middle of Chick-fil-A, drinking our milkshakes while everyone looked at us weird.

   We stayed at Chick-fil-A for a good fifteen minutes and decided to go to Victory, this time taking the right turn, to go support Jenna. Unfortunately, once we got there her game was over, but the good news was that the night was not over just yet. We told everyone what had happened and laughed about the incident. All of us headed to Jenna’s place; this time Abby drove us back. One thing that we told each other that night was to not tell our parents what had happened. However, as months went by everyone told their parents, but I still haven’t told mine yet. The only way they will ever find out is if they read this. If my parents are reading this right now, well I’m very sorry about not telling you and we can discuss it.

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