Will Nelson

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My First Real Job

    During the last week of my 9th grade year, my parents said that I was going to have to get a summer job, no questions asked.  I was excited because I thought it was going to be a fun way to earn some extra cash for whatever I wanted to do that summer. Little did I know that it was going to be a summer of hot, hard work.

    My mother  got me in touch with Mrs. Dena Montgomery, the owner of a horse farm on nearby Greenbrier Road. It was arranged that I would spend an afternoon there after school to check everything out.  The barn was very nice, and I was looking forward to working there that summer. I was super excited when she said that I could start that next day.

    On the first day, the heat, humidity, and odors were strong. My job everyday was  basically to feed all the horses, give them water, and then take them out to their pastures for the night.  At first I loved it, and I thought it was super cool working with horses. My favorite part of this job was definitely the people I worked for and worked with. They were very laid back. As long as I completed what was expected of me on time and in an orderly way , they didn’t stand over me.  On days when it was rainy and there wasn’t much to do, we would just hang out in the barn and talk. Sometimes we’d just mess around on the gators and four wheelers. At times it didn’t seem like a job at all, and I just got paid to do nothing.

    However, there were days that I thought it would never be time to go home. There were days that were unbearably hot and humid and the hands on the clock seemed stuck like the clothes to my sweaty body. On days like that, it seemed there would be the longest work list. I would have to clean out the troughs and bring bags of feed to the upper barn. The only way to get to the upper barn was a walk that was about a hundred and fifty yards through the middle of the main pasture.  If I was very lucky and no one was using the gator, they would let me drive to the upper barn.

    One of my least favorite memories about that job was one day when I had been working there for about two weeks. They told me to take the horses out into the fields.  I accidentally put two horses, that apparently weren’t supposed to be together, in the same field. I was walking away and all of a sudden I heard a loud scream, and when I turned around I saw that they were bucking at each other and fighting. Immediately, I got a call from my boss, and she said that I needed to grab one of them and put them out into a different field. I had to walk into the field with two massive, fighting beasts and throw a lead rope around one of their necks and drag it out of the field. I don’t remember ever being so scared in my entire life. I thought I was either going to die from a horse kick or get fired.  Fortunately, I was wrong about both. When I got back in the barn, my heart still racing and my legs shaking, everyone was laughing about the whole thing.

    Looking back at all of the memories, and the positive and negative aspects of the job that summer I turned fifteen, I think that I would do it again. I wouldn’t want the job right now, but at that place in time I think it was exactly what I needed. I’m very glad I was able to experience the things I did at the barn. I will never forget the times I had and the memories formed that summer of 2015.  It was truly a wonderful job and learning experience for a fifteen-year-old boy and I enjoyed it very much.

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