John Noone

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    Everyone needs a friend in their life. They are just as important as family. Without them I would be lost. I have created many new friends here at Donoho; thanks to baseball, cross country, and a wide variety of classes, I was able to interact with people who I might not have ever met. Some of my favorite memories here are from baseball. Baseball is a lot of fun, and the guys on the team are great. Not only that, but Skip is a good head coach and Mr. Ford helping out makes it more fun. Baseball definitely brings happiness into my day; without it I feel like I would be missing out on something great. One of my favorite memories was at Hall’s (aka Berry’s) house where we all were hanging out at the end of the season banquet, or something like that, and there was pick- up basketball going on and ping pong, but overall, it was nice to be surrounded by a group of friends.

    My friends from Indian Springs are practically family; we were always doing things together whether it was choir, basketball, going to each other’s houses, baseball, the list could go on forever. Sam Dillard, I have to say, is one of my best friends hands down. We have had a close friendship ever since we met in eighth grade. My favorite memory with him is when he, my mom, and I all went out West to Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. It was fun exploring all these different places, but it was even nicer to have my best friend there. There was this one night when we were glamping,  and we were sitting in a tent playing cards for hours; it was a lot of fun until a bat started to bombard us. It was scary at the time, but now when I look back at it, it was kind of funny. When in Colorado we went hiking, but also I think we played the most Yahtzee that I have ever played in my entire life. It was crazy and got very competitive.

    Another great and close friend is Ethan Thomas. I’ve been close friends with him since the second grade. We both lived on campus which helped us become better friends as well. There are too many memories to count where we could be found goofing off, whether it was at school, baseball or at each other’s houses. But some of the greatest memories are when we would be walking my dog Gus at night. We could just be ourselves around each other, and that’s something I value and look for in a friendship. Another close friend from Springs is Kadie Jacobs. Like Ethan, we had been friends since second grade. She also lived on campus, as well, which was nice because we were always there for each other. Some of my favorite memories with her were in Chinese class; we would always goof around and make funny jokes. It was a great time;  I miss that to be honest. And then there is Sarah Whammack. I became close friends with her in the eighth grade when we had almost every single class together. I think it was our math class that brought us closer as friends, though. There were only four of us in that class, and the other two students didn’t really talk all that much, so this gave Sarah and me an opportunity to be friends.

    I think as life goes on friends will come and go, but it is important to have friends wherever you go. As college is quickly approaching, it will be sad to say goodbye to my new and old friends, but it won’t be goodbye forever. As we head off into the next phase of our lives,  we will all still remain friends but at the same time create new friends and new memories that will stay with us forever.

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