Senior Wills – Class of 2019


Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization of the end of high school is finally setting in with the senior class. Senior Wills offer the soon-to-be graduates a chance to reflect on their time at Donoho and leave advice and memories to underclassmen and faculty members. Senior Wills often showcase each student’s personality and give insight into what they felt was important during their high school journey. Each Senior Will is also accompanied by the college that each student will be attending in the fall. Congratulations to the class of 2019!


Holden Abernathy

The University of Alabama


Ty – I leave you the shack. Make sure not to burn it down.

Cooper I leave you all the battle cry and basketball in PE.

Edwin I leave you all the pre-game rituals in 7th grade and the thunder in PE.

Davis – I leave you a mechanic because your truck keeps breaking down.

Reid I leave you apex.

Grant You’re the worst Steed.

Hunter Make Grant complete the mission.

Ridge I leave you all the hand shakes in the hallway.

Charlie Go to golf.

Brody Keep making Brody news.

Golf Team It has been a good ride. R.I.P.


Barry Hall Billings

Huntingdon College


Blake Willingham– I leave you every weird moment and all of the short-hops.

Grant & Ridge– Keep it a dime.

Judson– I leave you every record of mine that you will never break.

Andrew– I leave you eligibility.

Caroline– I leave you all my love, suga 😉

Piper, Virginia, and Campbell– I leave all of our funny lunchroom conversations.

Edwin– I leave you the impeccable leg day lifts you create.

Reid– I leave you no leg days because you have never done one.

Rod & Amari– I leave all of the pregame and prayer breakfast meals.

Gretty– I leave you the power nutella and the batting title that you will take over next year.


Matt Brascho

The University of Alabama


Davis: I leave you the Dale Jr. Flag; use it well in pep rallies. Yeet Yeet Deer Meat.

Edwin: I leave you the trashed knee brace and the Dora Bulldogs hoodie.


Seth Ford

Samford University


Mya- I leave you everywhere we sat my Junior and Senior year: the bench, the couch, the table. I’m going to miss having lunch with you everyday next year! Love you!

Reid- I leave you the baseball team and Skip. And all of your chin jokes.

Andrew- I leave you all of our what’s ups!!

Lucas- Try and grow some soon so you can become the catcher, and I leave you all the pitchers you will have to catch in the future

Skip- I don’t leave you anything I’m just telling you that I will beat you in the Alumni Homerun Derby!!

Rod- I leave you the basketball team, ball out my son!

Dragon- I leave you our handshake after the throw down.

Dean- I leave you your dad’s famous barbecue.

Chuck- Keep practicing and stay eligible the baseball will need you next year! And I leave you all the HBP you will have in the future.

Possum- I leave you tamp duty.

Frito- I leave you third base and mound duty.

Slade- I hope you get to play baseball next year you will help the team a lot. And keep doing plays and singing.

Edwin- I leave you your wiggling batting stance and your famous throwing the ball to center field while playing right field. I’ve never seen that before.

Gretros- I leave you going to excel and your lefty bp.

Belcher- I leave you left field because your left handed.

Tyler Allen- Keep practicing kid; you will do great things for the team in the future.

Davis- I leave you my left arm; you will need it to help the team next year.

Judson- I leave you your scopes at first base and all of our convos while keeping scoreboards.

Peen- I leave you all of your bp homeruns and your crazy powerful straight down swing.

Amari- I leave you my 3 point shot you going to need it with your broke jumper.


Sarah Gibson

Auburn University


Cailin Campbell- I leave you the early morning Chick-fil-a runs, golf cart rides, and all of the times we talked instead of actually singing during choir (p.s. Finally found my binder, it wasn’t lost!). Thank you for being the younger sibling I always wanted, you’re a real one. I would say I’m going to miss you, but I know I won’t even have a chance to because you will literally be at Auburn every weekend. So don’t forget to call when your in town, lil sis!

Izzy Patten- I leave you with all of those snapchat videos we used to make in practices, the long talks we had on the bus rides home from Trumbauer, and most important my legacy of the drama department mom. So glad to be your mom, but make sure to find yourself an apprentice to train up so once you leave there will be someone can manage the drama dept. motherhood. If you ever need me, I’m a phone call away!

Jamal Musa- I leave you the private story which you already were in charge of. If you ever need something to talk about on the story, contact me and I can help. Anyways, you will forever be my bestie. I also would like to leave you the college corner since you would come in there so much anyways. Gonna miss making you smile in the hallway everyday best friend!

Chloe Phillips- I leave you all those times you would harmonize with me when I would randomly start singing. You’re definitely going places, cannot wait to see what your future holds. I will miss you so much!

Vishwa Patel- I leave you all the hugs you give everyone. You’re definitely one of the sweetest people I know. I’m really gonna miss you!

Ariana Spencer- I leave you the choir conversations we had last year. Gonna miss you!

Adam Stremmel- I leave you your conspiracy theory chats. Gonna miss making you fake laugh, always a joy.

Griffyn Burrage- I leave you the choir attendance sheet. Be careful to keep it up-to date.

Hannah Salame- I leave you Calhoun County Honor Band. I think that says it all.

Sarah Green- I leave you the name of Sarah G, sorry it’s been so confusing since I came to school here and people call our name. I also leave you the French National Honor Society induction, hope it gets less awkward. I also leave that the candle wax that burned both of us, really hope that doesn’t happen next year.

The Flute Section- I leave MY cowbell, take care of Billy Ray he’s very important, and keep the tradition of playing Don’t Fear the Reaper with cowbell. I will come back to a home game soon to see that this is being carried out.

The Soprano Section- I hope that next year there is not 5 million of you. You are all wonderful, cannot wait to see how much the choir grows next year.

Mr. Noone- I leave you with being in charge of the school. I have ruled it for six years now, but I think I am ready to pass the baton. I feel as if you are the most qualified candidate. Congratulations!

The Donoho School- I leave you Kim Gibson. I realized I was the last Gibson to attend school here, so I thought to lessen the pain of me leaving that sending another Gibson to work here would help. You’re welcome.


Harrison Han

Purdue University


To Claire Hillman — I leave you my tennis bag and all the unfinished tied matches that we had. You better win state again. Go get it, Blue Eyes!!

To Jack Ballard — I leave you all the fun times we had on and off the courts together! Get your serves in and keep red eyes away from you. Be careful DO NOT get killed by tennis balls, again.

To Claire Walker — “Claire!!!”

To the Rest of the Tennis Team — There are just way too many things left to say.

Cooper: Have fun playing doubles with Jack next year lol. I sincerely wish you the best of luck on winning state championship next year!!

Zach: You have improved so much this year. Keep on playing tennis hard and quit soccer, ha!

All the girls: Each one of you is not only a great tennis player but more importantly a wonderful person. Keep it up and bring a big trophy back to Donoho next year!! Falc’em Up!

To Sailor Miao — I leave you my room and take care of mom and dad!

To Mrs. Gaines — I leave you those countless calls to colleges and the nice “date” that we had in Birmingham. Don’t forget to save spots on the red couch for us!!

To Mrs. Taylor — I leave you all the fun times of calling me Harry Bear and many many unforgettable memories that we had together. Let me know if Brad-ee, Owen, and Riley are acting weird again. Also, if there is ever a robotics team again, don’t forget to rent a big house with pool and have a good relationship with those kids!


Sallie-Grace Victoria Hodge

Johnson & Wales University


Sarah Green: I leave you all the dance classes that we had together through the years at World of Performing Arts. I leave you the one time in lower school when we got checked out because we were going to South Carolina for a dance competition to dance at the dance classes and to watch the WPA dance groups. I leave you the one time you came to Cawsand and Kingsand to see where my dad grew up and going to Plymouth to go shopping.

Mountain Biking Team: I leave to you guys all the times you cheered me on at the mountain bike races these past three years, especially cheering me on to a second lap this year at the Space Race in Huntsville, AL. I will miss the races and cheering for all of you.

Cailin Campbell: I leave you all the car rides we have had over the years.

Maggie Wakefield: I leave you our midnight rides to IHOP after the plays.

AJ Long: I leave you the Alto saxophone section even though you are first chair.  


Harrison Hughston

The University of Montevallo


Anyone with Interest- I leave you the best sport at Donoho- the Golf Team. You have big shoes to fill, but take pride in that.

Ivy- I leave you the aux on car rides to school. I love you!

Cooper, Reid, Edwin- I leave you mornings at Sneaky Pete’s- keep it going.

Ty- What’s up Ty?

Junior Boys- don’t Envy Me too much


Camden Kitchen

University of Georgia Tech


To Ash: I leave you the belt you cut and the screwball.

To Judson (Justin): I give you your name back.

To Sam Payne: I give you a broken Guitar Hero controller.

To Slade, Sean, Marshall, and Cailin: It was two good years swimming with you all. I give y’all the hopes that the swim team will make a comeback.

To Mrs. Taylor: I leave you second messenger, enzymes, Chromosocks, Alex’s comments on why we should continue doing BEST, and the everlasting hope that the Donoho Robotics Team may make a comeback one day.

To Mr. Ford: I leave you the memories of when I had to sleep in your room during Intersession in 7th grade. (“I didn’t -censored- sign up for this!”)

To Blair: I leave you my room, our arguments, and the countless hours of us playing Mario Kart DS and Smash Bros. Brawl. I give you the best of luck for the next few years of middle school and high school.


Grayson Marlowe

The University of Alabama


First Basemen – Lead BTG with pride, I’m counting on you. Gretros is still on bucket duty. Make me proud. #NGLLFGBTG

Football Boys – Work hard, enjoy the ride, it ends sooner than you think.

Kaitlyn – I leave you the 10-hour plane ride back from Italy. Buccaneers>Steelers. Thanks for being the best.

Carlie – I leave you the streets of Jacksonville. May they never take away Coop de Ville again. Also, no more wrecks please. #jvillegang

Gill – I leave you the same as Carlie, also Folcarelli’s Pizza and Montgomery Flea Market #jvillegang

Turkey – You are the master now, find your apprentice.

Ridge – My son, I will miss you. Keep being you, Norman.

Rod – I leave you our trips to CiCi’s and me taking you home, I better see you on TV one day carrying the rock.

Grant – Take care of my favorite pen.

Hunter – The mission shall be completed.

Edwin – I leave you our pregame football warm up. It was the best. 10 on Pump One #AreaCodes.

Jamal – Keep the grass cut low, look out for the snakes. I’ll miss out loud “Hey” every day.


Reese McWhorter

The University of Alabama

Cooper- I leave you Jack as your doubles partner, Fuji, yum-yum sauce, and pterodactyl noises.

Claire Hillman- I leave you some height, my tennis skill, and “hey Claire.”

Claire Walker- I leave you our fun conversations and our corny jokes to each other.

Mihir- I leave you “Mahear,” our hugs, my annoying habits, and you megging me.


Emma Burk Owsley

The University of Alabama


to my sweet kathleen/baby kat/kitty, I will miss you sooō much. I will miss our talks during keep away, our fun hashtags nobody understands but the squad, walks on the beach, and so much more. To my lil sis, i leave the cherries on your milkshakes, car rides singing along to LANY, dances to speakerbox before soccer games, all mí favorite restaurants, and broken sunglasses 😉 love you the most baby kat!

lily grace/LG oh how I am gonna miss my bestie on the soccer field. I leave you with momo, keyana, tyana, the “______” on weaver’s soccer team, my many yellow cards, and my many attempts at comebacks on the field, and the LL foundation/my lulu tag collection (keep the tradition going). I will miss ya so much. Keep the defense strong, love you!

sav where do I even start. I will miss you more than I can describe and seeing your face everyday. I leave you our many car rides to the beach, gym, and starbucks. I leave you morning coffees, fish tacos, hashtags the squad can only understand (you and kat have to share hehe), bartender #ouranthem, our pact ;), sunburns + aloe + scratches, mornin bible studies, my song about how hot it is at soccer, and so much more. I am gonna miss yelling at you to calm down on the soccer field, our fist fights/you tackling me, and playing soccer with your sassy self. I love you the most sav

to the soccer team I will cherish all the fun memories we have made over the years. I leave you the stinky pinnies Jay claims he washes when we know he doesn’t… I leave the laps around the field that never get easier, jay’s new drills that don’t make any sense, all the pre-wrap in the world, iced water because lets all be honest we hate the gatorades, jay’s many sayings (ex: “step to the ball!”  “we look like we forgot how to play soccer” “we are gonna have to decide we are gonna show up!” etc.) I am so blessed I was able to lead this team alongside whit. I love you all so very much and will miss being with y’all every single day.

to emma, virginia, and campbell oh how I will miss Friday nights with y’all. I leave y’all the cheer team, pep rallies (because they are sooō fun…), bus rides with Steve (im gonna miss them so much), the cheer room we labored over for SO long, cheese and grapes (best sideline snack everrr), and dreaded jumps/tumbling/literally everything. I love y’all so much. Stay goofy and have the best senior year. oh and come visit me plsss 🙂


Yash Patel

The University of Alabama


Grant- I leave you your nephew Ridge. Take care of him son

Ridge- Listen to your cousin Grant. Don’t be a dummy

Slade- Hey Slade. Glad you don’t have your crutches anymore.

Cooper- Ohhh Cooper. I leave you the rest of my yens.

Ethan- Keep practicing soccer. You are going to be a key player next year and the year after that. Get good at kicking those field goals also. You need to work on your speed cause you are slower than Richard. Love you kid.

Davis Jones- I leave you my amazing basketball skills son

Drew- I’m still surprised you are in the 7th grade. Hopefully you’ll be an 8th grader one day. Keep practicing soccer. I think you’ll be just as good as Mitchell if not better.

Turkey- Don’t change. Stay weird my friend.

Hunter- I won’t be able to yell at you anymore in soccer. You’re my favorite ginger.


Rhett Rigsby

The University of Alabama


I leave Yash Patel’s backpack to Mihir Patel.

I leave all the milk in the senior lounge to Andrew Harris.

I leave Harrison Han’s tennis racket to Cooper Montgomery.

I leave Claire Hillman all the rest of Harrison’s tennis stuff.

I leave Ahmad Lodhi and Brody Moore all production rights to Brody News.

I leave Sean Keel the lead in all future James Bond movies.

I leave Drew Williamson his own airpods with the song “Drip Too Hard” on repeat.

I leave Coach Sanders five pounds of butter beans.

I leave Claire Walker all my physiology notes that are really hers anyways.

I leave Kathleen Seals a bunch of what up’s in the hallway and the stanky leg.

I leave Connor Goodson a thanksgiving turkey and all the stuffing.

I leave Ethan Miles-Jamison, Hunter Davenport, and Samuel Johnson the ability to never use their left foot in a soccer game.

Grant Steed don’t tell my mom.

I leave Jack Ballard hotel room chicken.

Last but definitely not least I leave Zach Cater the Thanos snap.


Tyler Rigsby

The University of Alabama


Dekari – I leave you the D-line.

Amari – I’m leaving you your razor sharp eyebrows and big toe.

Payne – I will leave you with the task of doing ten jumping jacks a day.

Possum – I’m leaving you with a handgun.

Edwin – I leave you the O-line.

Dean – Hello dean.

Turkey – I leave you a trash can.

Hunter – I give you the power of the stiff arm.

Ridge – I leave you the shrine in the locker room.

Grant –  I give you my speed, since I am faster than your brother.

Drew – I leave you my soccer IQ.

Nic – I’m leaving you some clippers and 30 euros.

Kam – I leave you the shot put ring.

Coach Sanders – I leave you an ounce of my strength so that you can double yours.

Skip – I leave you right field and my helmet that won a battle with a pole.

Mrs. Senter – I’m leaving you my dark sense of humor for future forensic classes.

Mr. Ford – I’m leaving you my baseball skills so the MLB will come knocking on your door.

Mr. Kenneth – I’m leaving a clean senior lounge for you.

Mr. Swinney – I will leave you a new tuba player to exceed your expectations.

Mrs. Whyte – I’m leaving you the best pinata ever made in Spanish 3.


Cole Runyan

Auburn University


Edwin– The Donoho Joe is now in your hands.

Payne– I leave you my place on the baseball team.

Jase– I leave you the many conversations in Spanish class. And the trips to Bass Pro Shops.

Hannah – I leave you my golf swing. Don’t ruin it.

Slade– It is up to you to continue the hallway greetings.

Nic- I leave you my lineman skills. With great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.


Whitney Seals

Samford University


Wow. I’m gonna miss you; you have no idea. You are my best friend…my shotgun rider!! I leave you I-20 and Jenifer Rd (get the gate, 7:33, back way). Thanks for listening to me rant, when you feel like it….. And for having the best music taste; please send me songs when I’m gone, okay? Your spunkiness never ceases to amaze me…I leave you all the yellow cards. Hahah but I am sooo happy we were finally able to play on the same soccer team after being club rivals for so long! Seals to Seals <3. Never stop dancing to speaker-box!!! Continue to stand for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Make your own way-continue to be your original self! You’ll always be my Dolly & I’ll always be here for you. Romans 12!!

Sav Frick,

Hey! #emtmcpdtpomc heheh never gonna forget that. I leave you cartwheels, the snack bag (bae), and 8:30 bedtimes (grandma)! Thanks for loving Mamma Mia as much as I do (if not more) and for knowing every song on the soundtrack. Thank you for introducing me to sweet tea chicken fingers, snapper dip, and whammies. I love you so much and I’m so grateful we’ve gotten closer this past year. I leave you the soccer team :,) and a picture of a Ferrari heheh. *neck hug*


Baby bro!! I’m going to miss you! I leave you the job of looking out for Kat! Love you and your sweet self!


I leave you Olive Garden 😉 keep on being a sweet talker.


Lillie Mae,

You’re crazy, but I love you. I leave you UO…come visit me and we’ll go!

Soccer team,

My lil babies!!! I love y’all so much!! I leave y’all the best sport there is. This drip ain’t for sale!!!! (Maddie: the hair tie lol, AG: tiktok, Mag Mill: lucky cat earrings, Erin: corner names (Golden Girls/Ford/Melania/Bubbles/Line), Juju: the penny with the armband)


Blake Steed

The University of Alabama


Grant- I leave you my speed, because you need it.

Ridge- I leave you my key to the gym that, if anyone asks, doesn’t exist.

Ethan- Maybe one day you’ll be good at soccer. I leave you my skill.

Drew- Maybe when you get older I’ll leave you something.

Edwin- I think you know what I’m NOT gonna leave.

Rod- I’ll let you have the rest of my speed because you’re slow too.

Reid- I’ll leave you something if you go to UA next year.

Payne- I’m not leaving you anything.

Possum- It’s up to you now to vaseline Steve. I hope you survive.

Brody- I leave nothing, for you have surpassed me. Gang gang.

Holden- I leave you here because you’re a Junior.

Football team- I leave my love for the sport and hope Dalton can use it.

Soccer team- I wish I could leave Yash because you’re gonna need him.


Jenna Stremmel

The University of Alabama


Adam – I leave you with the van. Despite the dented bumper about to fall off, the constant smell of rotten OJ, the broken sliding doors, the coffee-stained floorboards, the broken a/c, the broken trunk door, the fact that the aux cord is in the back, and the noise it makes when it unlocks, she has stayed alive through it all. Take good care of her, and look out for trash cans falling from the sky.

Carter – I leave you tetanus water, the rush b video, sharp rubber knives, rotten popcorns, milk from Lowe’s, and shrimp. Also, take care of yourself. You’re the last of the aspartame family.

Madison – I leave you the glass of my piping hot tea. Sorry I can’t be there to spill it with you anymore.

Maggie Miller – I leave you our countless car rides #choccoloccogang, endless rant sessions, and the stool they gave you in the O.R. so that only one of us got a concussion. Also, I never got to do this formally before, but I am now officially handing down the Donoho defense to you. Make me proud.

Maggie Wakefield – I leave you a lifetime supply of hair ties, since I stole at least a billion throughout volleyball and soccer season. I also leave you our pre-game hype huddles and a chiropractor license for all those times you popped my back (much appreciated). Also, goalie is nerve-racking. I never want to do it again (despite the fact that I was only there for about two minutes). Keep being a bird.

Lily Grace and Mary Marshall – I leave you my legendary party pony and the Fergie national anthem.

Mya – I leave you Jamie and the rest of the volleyball squad. You were one of the few people that kept me sane through every volleyball practice and boys’ basketball game. Thanks for letting me crash your dorm room, steal your snacks, and letting me tirade about my issues at Auburn volleyball camp.

Sailor – I leave you my single white sock.

Jamal – I leave you “daddy chill.”

Diamond Dave – thanks for all the Diet Dr. Peppers and for keeping the Swinney house open literally all hours of the day for the pope and her girls.

Soccer – I leave you the memory of all of our county dubs, Eugene, Creepy Gary, “juice” girl, and that one referee who must have failed anatomy, thinking a shoulder is a hand. Also, the drip is not for sale.

Volleyball – I leave you the spirit of “the ball,” insanity workouts, 8-hour practices, and that girl who meow’ed at all of those tournaments.

Frickey and Campbell – I leave you the basketball squad. Good luck next year!

Basketball – Team, I leave you a sane state of mind. I imagine you’ll probably need it, considering the type of season we had this year.

Band – My apologies for never joining the band even though some of y’all begged me to, but thanks for letting me be an honorary member and one-man band pep squad for the Spring Garden game!

Juniors – Sorry we broke the senior parade tradition, body slammed the good couch in the lounge, and tore down the blinds over its windows. Also, there’s barbeque sauce on the wall and we don’t know how to get it off. Good luck.


Madelyn Thompson

Samford University


Macey– band treasury (have fun collecting money next year), listening to music on the car rides to school, my parking spot in the senior parking lot, sitting outside during lunch, planning what we’re going to do when we see each other in the hallway (foot high fives)

Chloe Phillips– paper cranes, random notes in my locker (you will always be my valentaco), Bro, hugs in the hallway (hope you don’t mind sharing this with Vishwa)

Vishwa– all of the cute calligraphies you’ve given me, fun rides on the band bus, Jack’s biscuits, hugs in the hallway (hope you don’t mind sharing this with Chloe)

Emma Obermaier and Caedan Patten (my favorite band rookies)– the French horn section (you two will do great things), all of our band memories (especially during pep band season)

Sanjana– All-state memories (keep up the good work!)

John Larkin– nicknames (JL & Scatman John), unloading the band van (you’re the true MVP), why are you always running?

Sarah Green– French Honor Society (good luck lighting candles next year)

Adam Stremmel– our basketball game chats

AJ– band treasury (you’re going to have to be the bad cop when Macey is being too nice)

Claire Walker– keep Macey entertained (you can be her stand-in sister)

Cailin Campbell– long car rides for choir and not riding the bus

Devin Clapper– scholar’s bowl (keep the team going! you guys will do great!)


Mahaley Tucker

American Academy of Dramatic Arts


Chloe Cater- I leave you the relationship advice, the (many) snack trips to Walgreens, all 50 jazz vocal pieces we bought and never played, and the All State/All State Show Choir legacy. Keep making me proud, girl. You’re going places, and I can’t wait to see where life leads you.  P.S. Go audition for Theatre of Gadsden. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be able to keep acting in roles you deserve.

Altos- Good luck.

The Flutes- I leave my cowbell to whomever is worthy of it. With great power comes great responsibility.

Griffyn- Oh honey. I leave you our many talks of your snapchat “friends,” the times we got yelled at so we wouldn’t talk in choir, the many wild stories I’ve told you (I’ve got more. If you ever need entertainment, you have my snapchat), and the hours of gossiping at rehearsals. Keep practicing your singing and acting, and by your senior year you’ll be unstoppable. I love you, girl.

Marshall- I leave you the many times we would stand and complain about whatever drama was going on or whoever was screwing up the scene, the car rides after tech week, and the bus trips with whatever song you happened to be jamming to (thank you for introducing me to Mooo, by the way). You’ve come so far from little Genie to where you are now, and I hope to see you on Broadway one day with me. I love you, my theatre son. (Also I appoint you the official head of the guy’s section in choir. Don’t fail me.)

Trevor- I leave you our “funny jokes,” the certain film company we were going to start, and all our useless video game music knowledge. Have fun next year with the senioritis you’ve had since freshman year, and you keep doing you.

Swinney- I leave you the vibes that broke the band budget, and, along with Chloe, all 50 jazz vocal pieces we’ll never play. I also leave a big thanks for being the best teacher/advice giver anyone could ever have at Donoho, so thanks for not leaving my 8th grade year, I definitely needed you this year. P.S. I’m sorry I almost disbanded the jazz band with Fever. P.P.S Good luck finding another Jazz Band groupie.

Mrs. Wall- Good luck with the choir once we leave. If my choreography didn’t kill them, they’ll be ready for anything you can throw at them. Thank you for giving me the advice and help I didn’t know I needed then.

All my teachers- I leave you a big “thank you” for dealing with me, and how I never turned anything in.