Choir 2018-2019


Sarah Gibson, Editor

The Donoho choral program ended this year with a performance for the 6th graders’ Step Up Day, where the class gets a tour of the middle school.

The choir started off this year with a new choral director, Mrs. Jennie Wall. Under her instruction, the choir flourished with all new pieces for the Winter Arts’ Gala where the group performed an arrangement of Joy to the World, Fum Fum Fum, and many more pieces. The chamber choir performed a piece called Pat-a-Pan. Shortly before the concert was a concert held by UAB’s choral program where the choir performed a song called The Pasture,¬†the choir performed alongside of Saks, White Plains, Oxford, and UAB’s choirs.

Next, the choir performed at the Spring Concert, where they performed the Elder Scrolls of Skyrim, Seal Lullaby, and other pieces. At the end of the concert, the group found out that the next step for the choir would be performing a show choir piece. The piece was called Sing and was performed twice.

The first performance was at the First United Methodist Church of Anniston for the OCS choir. The second performance was for the Class of 2025. This was the last performance of the choir for the school year!

The Penfeather staff cannot wait to see what they accomplish next year!