Angelina Liu

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The Sky Is So Pretty

Dear Patti Wilkinson,  

“The sky is so pretty.” This was the only sentence I said to you when you picked me up from the airport. Thinking back to that day, it would be better if I could introduce myself more to you. I look upon the sky and the story begins. 

I still remember the most terrible flight; I was on my way to the United States. I embarked on a journey away from my hometown with no friends or family. The weight of the luggage was not as heavy as my heart. I wonder if I had made the right choice or not; would I have regrets one day? I curled up in the corner of the cabin and leaned against the little window. The roar of the plane made me unable to sleep. I opened the small window of the plane and looked at the dark sky that held my future life. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all when I arrived here at first. Thank you for taking me into your home with open arms.  I didn’t think I could get used to a new life in such a short time. You provided me with a lot of  opportunities to try new things and meet new people. In some moments, it seemed like we had known each other for a long time. I kept a fresh sense of things and looked forward to more things going on in the future. These made me forget the sadness for a short time. 

I’ll never forget the time when I was in a really bad panic. The heavy load of school work had given me tremendous pressure. That was the first time I felt that efforts and results were not proportional to each other. Everything was bothering me. I couldn’t concentrate on doing anything at all. I am not good at expressing my emotions, especially bad emotions because I don’t want to affect people around me. 

On that morning, I was crying so badly in my room. The negative emotions that I had accumulated for a long time suddenly broke out.  I was really struggling, and I had never had a panic attack as bad as this one. You had a really long conversation with me that morning. Eventually, I calmed down. You don’t know how much that meant to me. I will never forget that morning and everything you  told me. You taught me a life lesson that day.

I will remember all the laughs, tears, and everything that we have experienced together. These three years have passed so fast. You shared with me your life story and opened up your home to me to make my own. Words can’t express how grateful I am for your treatment of me these three years that I have lived with you. I still wish there was a better way to thank you, and I love you as always.  


Angelina Liu

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