Sarah Green

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A Portrait of My Family

I still have dreams about winding up the hill to the little house. Bumping up the gravel road in my dad’s old truck. My mom in the front seat, my dad behind the wheel. Me, sitting in the back with a book in my lap, chomping on a Hershey’s bar my dad had slipped to me when my mom wasn’t looking. Our old dog Ruby sits in between my brother and me, taking up more room than both of us combined. The second my dad’s foot hits the brake I jump out, running past the giant magnolia tree, leaping up the steps, and, finally, throwing open the door. Trips to my grandmother’s house were so exciting. It was always amazing to me that one tiny house could hold so much happiness. However, now I realize that the house was only a vessel; it was our family that filled it with joy. Looking back, I wish there was a way I could have held on to those moments. Instead, it seems that they have slipped through my fingers, these precious moments with my family, never to be replicated, never to be relived. 

We sold the old truck eventually. Or more accurately, it died two weeks after my dad gave it to Garret on his sixteenth birthday. Likewise, Ruby hasn’t been with us in six years, although it seems like yesterday I was complaining about her slobbering all over the floor. Even my grandmother’s house is a distant memory, now owned by a happy little family with lots of young children to fill up its halls with high-pitched noise. Yet, there is one thing that remains: my dad, my mom, my brother, and me. Four parts of a never-ending equation. It doesn’t matter what connects or divides us. When we are together the product will always be happiness, steady and pure.

While my family is alike in many ways, we all have very unique personalities that might not be obvious to the unobservant bystander. First of all, there is my dad, the Open Book. When strangers first meet my father, they might notice his sincere demeanor. He has a way of speaking that radiates honesty, which is something I believe is truly special in this world. While they are often hidden underneath endless dad jokes, I cherish the thoughtful words my dad has given me over the years. Not only do I credit him my honesty, but also my determination, selflessness, and independence.

My mother, the Angel. She can show compassion for anything. I often wonder if life is harder for her, carrying such a big heart. Whenever I picture my mom in my mind, she is always carrying our little dog, Matilda. I think this picture shows my mom’s gentle soul. Her only fault is that she refuses to watch any movie where one of the characters dies, which makes it nearly impossible to find something to watch. My mother has taught me to love the world and to forgive everyone and everything. Many people comment on how much my mother and I look alike, but only I know that my mother outshines me on the inside. 

My brother was always the Quiet One. Whenever my brother speaks, it’s always with intention. He has a way of speaking that is both thoughtful and humorous. While I might make better grades, Garret has always had a natural sense of intelligence, so much so that I consider him much smarter than I’ll ever be. Like my dad, people gravitate towards Garret’s sincere personality. He is also one of the most reliable people I know. Whenever I need my big brother, I know Garret will be there for me.

My family makes up who I am. Without them there would be no Sarah Green. I am a daughter and a sister before anything else. I cherish the memories I have with my family. Even though in a year we will no longer all be living under the same roof, they will always be my support system, and I will forever be grateful to them.

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