Kam Thomas

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My first year of high school athletics was seventh grade. I was on the Heflin varsity track and field team. I honestly wasn’t expecting much and didn’t think I would be very good. I wasn’t very impressive at the meets but never lost hope. As sectionals came around, I did well and beat my brother and made the state roster as the twenty-fourth runner out of twenty-four. Making the state roster as a seventh grader at a 4A school is a great accomplishment. I came in last, as expected, but was still quite impressed with myself. I missed my eighth grade season due to ineligibility because I transferred to Donoho.

 In ninth grade, I was finally eligible and played football, cross country, basketball, and track. Cross country was the best sport I competed in and was my favorite. I was good at it, too, which made it even better. At sectionals I did really well and made it to state, and from there I decided that I wanted to continue to do it after high school and into college. I had my heart and mind set on scholarships. After state that year, I was already ready for track season but had to wait for basketball to pass. 

As track season came around, I was more than ready and couldn’t wait. I did really well at meets in the 3200m, 1600m, 800m, and 4x800m run. I loved the competition and the atmosphere of the track meets. At sectionals, I did very well and made it to state in all four events and broke a couple of school records. At state, I did really well and just kept hoping someone would notice. As the season ended and sophomore year and cross country was about to begin once again, I was ready. The season began and I had a bad start. I got too cocky and full of myself. I wasn’t doing as well as I was expecting to, and it took a massive toll on me. 

I made it to state once again in all my events and did my best, still hoping for someone to notice. As track season started, I was ready to go out and do my best. I still did exceptionally well, making it to state once again, still having my hopes up that someone was noticing. Junior year rolled around, and I had pretty much lost hope. The cross country season was terrible for me. At points I wanted to quit, but I kept going because I’m not a quitter. I still tried my hardest and barely made state. After state I had completely lost hope and started to focus more on football because we had made it to the playoffs for the first time in a while. Track season began, and I wanted to prove to myself that I was still worthy. I didn’t do too well in some of the events but kept going. I made it to state in the 1600m and 4x800m run and did well in those. 

Senior year is here now, and so far cross country is killing me, and I will be surprised to make it to state this year. I am more than ready for this football season, though. I have no clue what the track season will have in store for me this year, but  I hope to do well. I plan on playing soccer this year too. All dreams and goals of going to the next level are gone at this point, but I refuse to give up and am thankful for my parents, especially my dad and my coaches for their continuous support and belief in me. 

Football has pretty much become a main focus for me. Working out and practicing with a team that is pretty much my family is incredible. We work together and face many challenges together. It’s senior season, and we just won our first game. It should be a great season, and I sure hope it does end up being one. 

As senior year has continued, I was surprised by a phone call from the Huntingdon College cross country and track coach. He said he saw my records and was impressed by them and said he wanted me to come visit as soon as possible. At first, I was just in complete shock that I may have just gotten my first opportunity after almost giving up on my dream. The next week, I made an appointment to visit campus and tour and meet the coach and team. It’s a great place with great people, and I kind of felt at home there. 

The visit was coming to an end, and it was about time for me to head back home, but before I left,  he offered me a place on the team right then and there ,and I was filled with excitement. I told him I would need a little time to look over and make sure it was the right place for me, so I didn’t make any hasty moves. A few weeks later I made the decision to commit and had my signing day. It was one of the best days of my life. 

When track season came around, I was excited to show off my abilities. At the first meet I had a strong performance and was stoked to see what the rest of the season had in stock for me. A few days after the meet, the spread of Covid-19 began canceling all high school sports and ultimately ended the track season. 

As an athlete I know how painful it is to have a sport ripped from you, especially during your senior year. Thankfully, I was given an opportunity that I am more than grateful for. 

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