Jase Alderman

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Fed Up

I was fed up. I was beaten, bruised, and covered in dirt, grass, and sweat. I was dead tired and angry. This is how I was in the locker room after the first game of my junior year after getting beat 52-14 by a team from Mississippi named Biggersville. The game was an embarrassment. Their running backs ran all over defense. They were so fast that we just could not catch them. We had first-game jitters, and a lot of guys did not know their plays on offense. It seemed like nothing went right for us that game. I was not just mad because we got beat that night. I was mad because both my freshman and sophomore football seasons ended in a 2-8 record. The fact that we had won four games in two years was an absolute joke. After that Biggersville game, I was afraid that I was about to go through another failure of a season. I could not believe that all the work I had put in over the summertime would be wasted. All the workout sessions in the weight room, blazing hot afternoons running outside on the track, and all the Saturdays and Sundays I spent at the field running and flipping tires would be for nothing. I was not going to let that happen. 

After the game, in the locker room, I put on my practice pants and threw my shoulder pads, which were still wet from the game, and cleats in the back of my truck and drove my truck down to the field. Once I got down to the field, I put on my full practice gear and let all my anger out on the black five-man blocking sled. I did defensive hand drills, I drove it for offensive drills, and every other drill I could think. I hit that sled with all my anger and the fear I had of another 2-8, or worse, season. 

My head football coach rode up on the gator, and after arguing with me for a few minutes, he convinced me to go home. I could not sleep that night because the fear still lingered in my head. I kept this fear with me until our second game of the season against Horseshoe Bend. After that second game, my fears were put to rest because we won 32-14. We also won the game after that, and the one after that. We were on a winning streak. The rest of the season our offense was running like a fine tuned machine. With Rod running the ball and Hall at quarterback, our offense averaged around three hundred yards per game. Our defense was lockdown and pitched three shutouts at the end of the season. We finished the regular season 8-2 and finished the season 9-3 and made it to the second round of the playoffs, losing to the state champions. Every time I got tired, I remembered the night. Every time I was out of breath, hurting, or wanted to give up I remembered that night. Whenever I needed motivation, I remembered the night I was fed up.

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