Edwin Connell

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Senior Year–An Ending I’ll Never Forget

Ever since I have been in school, I have always counted down the years, weeks, and days until I could be a senior. I started Donoho a year early as a three-year-old. As a youngin, I would have to go to my Dad’s room early before school and stay with him after school. During these times that I spent at the upper school, I got to witness a certain group of kids get special treatment every year. I learned that those people were seniors and there’s a new group each year. 

Throughout my early years of Donoho, I was able to see what seniors could do. As a kid, you always tend to look up to people who are older, but the only students I ever looked up to back then were seniors. I can remember walking into the senior lounge for the first time in 2008. I was instantly hooked. It was in that room that I played Call of Duty for the first time. I would spend hours after school playing Star Fox and Mario 64 while my dad was finishing up his work. It was at that time that I couldn’t wait to be a senior. It was unbelievable to me that these people had their own room in school to play video games and relax. In Pre-K we were forced to nap, and during those times, I just wanted to be in the senior lounge.

Fast forward eleven years, and I had made it. I will agree that when I was younger I over exaggerated being a senior a little too much. However, everything that I waited for was finally here. My senior year has been absolutely amazing. Everything about it was what I hoped for. I was finally a football senior, and we had a great season. I participated in rolling the school and the other homecoming week events that I always wanted to be a part of. The short baseball season was nothing but success with being Area Champs and scoring sixty-nine runs. And the senior lounge was everything I hoped it would be. As a kid I couldn’t wait to play video games in the lounge, but what I experienced this year in that room was much better than any video game. 

My favorite part about being a senior–and this is probably the most important part–is the banter I experienced. You see, most of my friends will be going in different directions after we graduate…many of whom I’ve been with for twelve years. The senior lounge has been a place where we have come together and experienced laughs and banter before we depart. The most hilarious conversations and events in my life have happened in my fourth and fifth period study halls and lunch period. Whether it is the voice impressions, top-ten lists, great stories, sing-alongs or just new, funny jokes, that room has had some great laughs. 

However, with all that was great about my senior year, it sucks that it ended early. It sucks that we will never experience senior prom, graduation, senior trip, and senior skip day. Those are great things, but it also seems unfair that I won’t get to experience some last banter sessions with the bros in the lounge. It’s really terrible that it had to end this way, dreaming about this year since 2008 and to have it stripped away by something a billionth the size of you. I could go on how this is the worst thing ever, but I’d be dumb for that. Because as much as this sucks, I’m grateful for all of my years of high school, and I’m happy with the senior year I’ve had. If there is one thing this year has taught me, it  is to never let the simple times go unappreciated because you never know when something that you can’t even see can take it all away. 

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