Dalton Nelson

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I Am Not Paul Walker

I never thought that I was going to go out like this. I was so young and had so much left to do in life. Each minute that went by was one step closer to death for me. How could having fun all of a sudden turn into a situation like this?  These were the thoughts going through my mind as I laid in the middle of a field with a cut so deep on my leg, I could see the bone. 

June 29, 2018. It was my mom’s birthday and I had been at my grandparent’s house helping them in the yard. I was on my last load of sticks that I had to take off and dump. All throughout the day I had been having a little fun in between runs. The Fast and Furious films are my favorite movies, and I guess I had been watching them a little too much lately. Every time I would go to take a load of sticks and dump them on my grandparent’s side-by-side, I would pull the emergency brake and force it to drift. It turns out it was that last little load that would make me pay the price.

I yanked the emergency brake up and turned the steering wheel and I instantly knew that I messed up. I slowly felt myself going sideways. It was like everything was in slow motion and there was nothing I could do. I was just along for the ride. The side-by-side flipped over and the metal roof landed on my leg. I was stuck in between the seat and the steering wheel. Instantly, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. Slowly, I looked down and thought my leg was broken and there was bone sticking out. To my surprise, I was wrong. There was a six-inch cut in my right shin going all the way down to the bone. My phone was dead, and there was no one around me. I was in the middle of a field almost a quarter mile away from my grandparent’s house with a hole in my leg that was bleeding more and more by the second. 

Adrenaline was running through my body, and I knew I had to do something. I forced myself out of the wreck and realized I could not walk. I slowly started to crawl towards my grandparent’s house. Once I finally made it there, my shoe was completely filled with blood and I had grass all in the cut. They rushed me to the emergency room, where I experienced the most pain I have ever felt in my entire life. The doctors spent hours cleaning the hole in my leg and pulling the grass out. The pain was so strong, and I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body that I was given three doses of morphine. Four hours later, the doctor finally stitched me up and I headed home. 

I guess I can safely say that my mom had a memorable birthday that year. I learned that I should never attempt to be Paul Walker and to always keep my phone charged. Even if I wanted to forget about this experience, I don’t think it will ever be possible. I will always have a large scar on my right shin that reminds me of the time I almost bled out.

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