Cooper Montgomery

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The Impact of Tennis

The sport of tennis has always played a monumental role in my life. Ever since I began playing in grade school, it has shaped the person I am today. It has taught me wonderful life lessons, created special memories, and made lifelong friendships. I would not trade my experiences from tennis for anything.

Tennis has taught me to never give up and always keep trying. There have been many instances when I have been down big in a match, but I did not give up and I ended up on top. My doubles partner and I were losing by four games in the Calhoun County Tennis Tournament finals  against our biggest rivals, Oxford High School. My partner David and I kept our heads in the match even though we were losing and ended up coming back to win in his last county tournament ever. There have been other obstacles that I have overcome while playing. I have participated in numerous tournaments ill and, ironically, I won all of them. It was very difficult playing through sickness, but I pushed through and stayed focus until the end. These are only a few instances where I have overcome obstacles and never given up. 

My favorite tennis memories come from the season shared with the seniors of 2017. After big dubs we would celebrate in entertaining ways. From consuming way too many Krispy Kreme donuts to taking pictures in front of extravagant cars, we always had a good time. That year’s team included some of my best friends ever and we made memories wherever we went. Bus rides to matches were filled with fantastic trap music and hilarious jokes followed by endless laughter. The end of this season was very emotional for everyone, not just the seniors. The 2017 tennis season is an unforgettable highlight of my life because of memories I still reminiscence on. 

Being someone’s doubles partner creates a bond on and off the court unlike any other. Doubles partners rely on each other constantly. One will get to know how they play as well as small things that they do.  My doubles partner was a classmate named David Hudson. We started in seventh grade as doubles partners and from then till eleventh grade we won every match except two. David and I were always on the same page from day one. We had a bond on and off the court unlike any other. I knew everything he would do on the tennis court before he did it and vice versa. He was one of the reasons that I looked forward to playing tennis everyday. Our last match together ended with a loss in the state semifinals, but we still had a great time. We knew it would be our last season to share together so we made the most of it.  David moved to Virginia at the end of last year, but we still remain friends and will for the rest of our lives because of tennis.

Through these examples, one can see how tennis has affected my life on and off the court. I hold these recollections close to my heart as they have been some of the best memories in my school career.

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