Kelsey Chandler

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“Good Luck, Charlie”

As most people know, I moved to Donoho halfway through my junior year. I wanted to be challenged academically as well as learn how to manage my time better. As high schoolers, we are often loaded with an excessive amount of homework and studying. Any smart student knows procrastination is in fact not the best idea, but I’m not the typical “smart” student. I thought I could get away with studying the night before a test. Not just any test, but a Ford test. I knew taking this would be challenging, but I felt as if I was well prepared. 

It was the week of finals for Donoho students. As for me, I only had to take one: Mr. Ford’s Dual Enrollment History exam. This was on a Thursday, and it was obvious I had all week to study. Given I was the queen of procrastination, I waited until the last minute to study. ‘Twas the night before the test; sleeping all afternoon, I finally woke up around 7:00 p.m. To start the night off, I drove to Chevron and grabbed a vanilla double shot Starbucks coffee. I was finally ready to start studying. Hours had passed, as I reviewed over more than one hundred flashcards and two Quizlets. I was tired. However, this was no time to sleep. After reviewing the pros and cons, I made the decision of disabling my cameras and alarm system to prevent waking up my parents. I left my house at around 11:00 p.m. and drove to Sonic, where I then ordered a Redbull slushie to keep me awake. Having my favorite artist playing over the speakers of my car, I drove home to continue studying. 

It seemed as if only two hours had gone by, but I noticed it started to get lighter outside; confused, I checked the time. It was now 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I had stayed up all night studying for Mr. Ford’s final. Within minutes I heard a knock on my door; thinking it was my mother, I opened the door in a sheer panic only to find my friend Victoria Tutor  standing there. Unfazed by the fact I was still awake and studying, she came over for two reasons: to study with me and to talk about her recent breakup. We reviewed for approximately thirty minutes and then headed out the door to go to school. 

 As I walked into the classroom, shaking due to being sleep deprived, I felt as if I was ready to take my final. Two hours had gone by, but I was not done with my exam; luckily, I was able to stay longer to finish it. I turned in my exam, happy and relieved; I knew I passed with an A. As I walked out of the doors, I was stopped by Mr. Ford who proceeded to ask me how I think I did on my final. Unsure of my exact response, it most likely went something like this, “Pretty sure I made an A; I stayed up all night studying.”  It was now summer. Several weeks had gone by and we got our grades in the mail. I opened the letter to see a big fat C under the history final section. I stayed up all night studying for this only to make a C on it.

Senior year started, and just when I thought school would get easier,I took my first Economics test, once again, I procrastinated. My advice to all students is to study ahead of time and finish any assignments early. We go about our lives making difficult decisions, and, although we may not like the decision at the time, we do what is best for us to succeed in the future. As the saying goes, to anyone who thinks it is a good idea to procrastinate when it comes to a Ford test, “Good Luck, Charlie.”

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