Carlie Coleman


Girls’ Golf Team

From the start of my junior year, Lexie, Piper, Kallie, and I jokingly talked about starting the girls’ golf team. At this point, I hadn’t ever seriously picked up a golf club, and the only reason I ever went on a golf course was to watch my grandmother play  and eat orange peanut butter crackers from the pro shop. So spring rolls around and Jacob Lecory stands up in assembly and says, “We’re starting golf team sign ups today. If anyone is interested just sign your name up at the end of assembly.”  At that moment I looked at Aamna and she said, “You’re not actually serious are you?” Of course I was dead serious. So Lexie, Piper, Kallie Callan, Emma Kim, and I all sign up. The next day and every weekday after that we practiced every afternoon after school. As you can imagine, we were all pretty terrible. Lecroy tried to show us how to swing and even brought out hula hoops to the driving range but, we were a little bit of a lost cause. The first match rolls around and fifteen minutes before Garrett (the golf coach) is explaining what par means and how to keep score, but somehow through the grace of God we beat Oxford. Time passes and eventually Coach Sanders taught me how to yak a golf ball, and so everyday during PE I would go out to the football field and stand on the fifty-yard line and hit golf balls into the woods. 

Eventually after a few matches the county tournament hit; it was possibly the worst day to play golf. It stormed all night before, and we had to meet at Pine Hill at 7am, and it was still raining. I woke up at 6am and put on my golf skirt and my collared shirt and threw my clubs in the back of my car with a tiny umbrella. I walked outside and instantly got chill bumps; it was about forty degrees and raining. Playing golf was  the last thing I wanted to do, but I drove the thirty minutes from my house.  Lexie and I ended up parking in the mud which ended up being a terrible decision later on, but we got out of our cars and hiked up to the club house. I was shivering I was so cold. We started playing and I got put with four girls all younger than me, but thankfully, I knew one of them. Like any other match, it’s very awkward in the beginning.  We started on the ninth hole, and when I say I missed every shot I took, I really missed every shot I took.  Thankfully I tipped it once, and it went about eight feet in front of me. We continued through the day, but I progressively got worse. On one of the holes there was a tiny little pond, more like a puddle, in front of the tee box and everyone was shooting over it having no problem at all, and then I got up there, and I lost my first pink ball of the day. I was getting so frustrated with myself and beating myself up the whole time until about hole eighteen. Before this hole, I had lost a pack of balls,  and I decided to switch to plain white balls because I was tired of watching my pink ones go into the water. 

But on the eighteenth hole, I put myself back on the football field, and I swung the crap out of that ball.  It went from the tee box over the massive lake and about twenty yards from the green.  I literally screamed I was so happy; it was raining, it was cold, my clubs were muddy, and my shattered phone was getting water damage. I didn’t care one bit because I was about to get a two on a par five. I got up there and I did what I always do at the green. I over chipped it on two and then got it on the green on three and then in the hole on four.  Hey, I was still happy because it was the first time I shot under par all day. We get on about the third hole.  At this point,  I was in a great mood, the sun was shining, and I had started shooting well.  Then I see my dad coming down the cart path with a Cookout Diet Coke and a burger, and I honestly think that was the happiest moment of my life. I ended the county tournament with a 120.  

 It was tragic, in no way shape or form good,  but I didn’t care.  I just wanted to go home and shower and eat fried pickles at Struts with Amelia. That first day at county was the last match I played that year because we finished second to last, and none of the girls showed up for the second day of the tournament. 

I am so happy I signed up for golf because even though we were terrible, it was more fun than I would’ve ever imagined.

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