Alexis Fink

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Interesting Experiences/Life Lessons at Public School

In seventh grade, I moved from Donoho to a public school near my home. Here are some memorable moments:

  • My first month there, a football player shanked me with his hair pick. It wasn’t enough to draw blood, but it hurt.
  • My first gym class, a girl threw up all over her Elmo pajama pants because she did two jumping jacks.
  • We tried to throw away the class hamster because we thought it died, but it was asleep.
  • A girl was selling drugged skittles in the lunch line.
  • I was sent to the principal’s office for swearing (thanks for ratting on me) and the vice principal had a row of broken paddles to intimidate children. I also had a rally of girls saying “Free Alexis” outside of the office.
  • A few classmates and I were playing hide and seek, and we hid in the back closet of the gym, and everyone left us there for two class periods.
  • The same girl that threw up on her pajamas showed me every spot where she got arrested at the school.
  • Peer pressure doesn’t exist. I’ve been offered many things, declined them, and the offerers just left.
  • Every time I would eat the salad at lunch, I had to visit the nurses office. (What was in the salad ????)
  • The same hamster that we thought died got football punted in its little plastic hamster ball and flew across the science room.
  • In a pep rally, we had a glow-in-the-dark theme so everyone had glow sticks. In the middle of the rally, I dropped my glow stick on the ground. I reached down to pick it up when someone reached under my legs, grabbed the glow stick, and the only thing I saw was a dark figure crawling its way back up the bleachers. I’ve never been more terrified in my life. 
  • Life tip: If you actually pay attention in class, teachers like you. Who would have thought?
  • Every history teacher is a gym coach. That’s just a fact.
  • Avoid the girls who drink copious amounts of Gatorade, eat Hot Cheetos/honey buns in the morning, and have shattered iPhone 4SE’s. They won’t stop talking about how much they hate volleyball practice and will most likely ask you for five dollars. 
  • There was this guy who nicknamed himself “Cripple,” and he would wheel his wheelchair at immeasurable speeds down the ramp. At 2:30, never stand near the ramp or else you will get run over. 
  • A lot of people from public school come from a harsh home environment more than people in private schools. I didn’t really think of the idea of “treat everyone with kindness” until I met public school kids. For some, the only meals they get is at school. 

Despite the many funny things that happened at public school, I did learn a lot about the real world and how people act outside of a private, small community. I appreciate all of the experiences, but I think I’m happier in Donoho.

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