Mya Keel

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Making A Big Decision

Growing up, I had my heart set on becoming a veterinarian. I was the type of child that had a petting zoo at my house. When I was about twelve, I had three dogs, three cats, two bunnies, two turtles, and a bird. No matter how many pets I currently had, I was still willing to ask for more. As I got older, my love for animals and my pets never changed, but what I wanted to do as my profession did. 

When I realized that becoming a veterinarian was not for me, I did not know what career I wanted to pursue. Once I started junior year, not knowing what I wanted to study in college caused me to stress. Junior year is when you have to start figuring out what major you want to pursue, in order to decide which college is best for you. 

Not knowing what I wanted to major in started the process of finding something that I would be passionate about. My favorite subjects in school have always been math and science. After taking chemistry my junior year, I realized it was my favorite type of science. Knowing that I loved math and chemistry, my parents thought that I would follow in their footsteps by going into the medical field. Since I have grown up hearing about everything medical, I was not excited about anything involving the medical field. So, one day, my mom mentioned going to pharmacy school. I really liked the idea of becoming a pharmacist, but I wanted to keep an open mind. As more time passed, I still was not one hundred percent sure what I wanted to do for a living. 

This past summer, a friend of mine asked me where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to major in. I told her that I was stressing because I had no idea where I wanted to go or what my major would be. She mentioned to me about a test that I could take that could give me an idea of what career choices would be best for me. She told me the test was called “The Career Assessment Test,” and it could be taken through Jacksonville State University. So, I called a career advisor and asked if I could take the test. While taking the test, I had my doubts about whether or not it would help me figure anything out because it asked bizarre questions. My career advisor asked me to visit the next day to go over my results. 

I was very surprised by my test results. They were formatted by showing the top ten possible career choices suited for me out of hundreds. Out of the top ten, eight of them were in the medical field. I was so surprised because I did not think that going into the medical field was what I wanted to do. According to the test, becoming a pharmacist was a good career option. After these results confirmed that pharmacy was best for me, I finally made the decision to go to pharmacy school.  

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