Aamna Lodhi



The Golden State 

California has a big piece of my heart. This is the state my entire family has grown up in, 

including myself. Ever since I was born, I have moved many times whether it is in the same state or across the country. I lived in California for over half of my life. When people think of 

California, they might think of the Golden Gate Bridge or Disneyland or even the Los Angeles Lakers, but I think of the place where most of my best childhood memories were made. 

There are many things that remind me of California. The first and most important 

thing that reminds me of California would be people, specifically my family. My family reminds me of California because only my parents and siblings are here in Alabama and the rest of my family is in California. We have many family reunions and the majority of them have been in San Francisco because it is easier for one family to travel to a bigger state rather than five come to a smaller state. These are the people I see every day and they remind me of my sweet first home. The food in California is more of a seafood menu whereas in Alabama it is more of southern cuisine. Cuisine in California would include foods such as burgers, California- style pizza, and barbecue. Southern cuisine offers food such as steak, pickles, and casseroles. They might seem alike but once someone has lived in both areas of the country, one realizes how different they really are. 

California has and always will be a big part of my life, but Alabama has become a 

place where my heart is. No matter what happens, California will always have a place in my heart but Alabama is where I belong. Once one grows older, you start to realize that it is the small things that matter in life such as your close family and friends and not minor things such as the food or weather. You learn to grow and adapt to your surroundings. 

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