Andrew Harris

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Coming to Donoho

During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, my mom stayed at home and homeschooled me, while my dad worked. These first two years of high school were not too terribly challenging for me at all. This was somewhat because I had gotten into the habit of not trying as hard as I could be during school and not pushing myself to my academic limits. My parents wanted me to push myself harder and set myself up for the best career opportunity I could get. In my case, this was going to college to become a physical therapist. I myself also wanted a change. I was tired of spending the majority of my time at the house. I was ready to attend a public school where I could see all of my friends every day whom I had met through sports and other extracurricular activities. However, my parents did not want me to attend any of the local public schools because they were not impressed with the education systems. This is because they had heard plenty of negative things about schools from friends and relatives. As a result, I then started looking into some of the local private schools near my house. I made sure that the school I would go to had a baseball and a football team. After doing research online, I came across The Donoho School in Anniston, Alabama. My parents were a little reluctant at first on letting me go just because of the steep tuition price, but after going on a tour of the school and meeting all of the teachers, we came to the conclusion that the school would be well worth it. So on August 8, 2018, I was officially enrolled in the school.

From a social side, the school’s first impression was great. I made friends immediately.  After the first day of school, I went out to eat with the football team and could already tell that I was going to get along with everyone just fine. I have made so many great friends at Donoho that I know I can have and depend on for the rest of my life. From an academic side, I have never done anything harder. All of the classes have been exceptionally challenging. Even though the class material is extremely difficult at times, the teachers will put in a tremendous amount of effort into helping you understand it. This makes an otherwise, very boring and uninteresting subject not so bad after all. School and studying have never come easy to me, but within just over a year of hard work and dedication, I have been able to be accepted to Mu Alpha Theta, The Donoho National Honor Society, and was chosen as the Scholar-Athlete of the Week. I can only imagine what the next years of my life will hold for me.

I think my decision to transfer from being homeschooled to Donoho, was definitely one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  It has made me both a better student in the classroom and a better athlete on the field. I personally needed the extra push in my life in order to prepare myself for college, and around here, Donoho is by far the best college prep school. Whether it is studying for a test, or writing an essay, I am very certain that after graduating from a school like Donoho, my college life will be so much easier. I think that Donoho has set me up for success in the future and will help me get toward my dream of one day becoming a physical therapist.

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