Lexie Dukes


The Process of Moving Houses 

At the beginning of the summer, my parents told me they wanted me to move out. They bought a house in Anniston and explained how much more efficient it would be for me when getting to school for my senior year. However, what I did not know is that I would be living by myself even though I have never been left alone at my current house for a single night. Looking back at the end of my junior year, I could never imagine my parents forcing me to grow up and live by myself. 

Four months ago I could not have told you what I was going to do. Today I want to tell everyone the importance of knowing how to grow up at a young age. As I sat in front of my parents when they told me my living plans for my senior year, I did not understand what was about to happen. Throughout the summer before my last year in high school, I gathered the things that I needed for school to take to Anniston with me. I donated the things that were just cluttering my room at my home in Talladega. 

Coming from a farmhouse, I expected to walk into a nice home in the city of Anniston. Instead, I walked into a townhouse with multicolored walls, brown carpet, and a strong odor of wet dog. The first thing I did was immediately go back home and begin brainstorming ideas on how to make this house presentable. I knew some remodeling was going to have to be done. The first thing I did was rip out all of the carpets and air out the whole house. My parents hired construction workers to put in flooring that I got to pick out. I had to pick out something that was not too expensive and did not scratch easily. Once that decision was made, I painted all of the walls white. 

Now that the construction part of the remodeling was done, I picked out a theme for each room and brought it to life with decorations. While buying decorations and furniture, I found that living in a home with furniture is very expensive. For the living room, I decorated with greys, blues, and greens. I left the kitchen alone because I am not much of a chef. The rooms were all filled with whites, greys, and golds to keep a more modern look. For decorations, I made a painting for each room and finished all of them with a resin glass art glaze to keep decorations within the budget.

 Once the house was ready, I was ready to begin the last step of moving in; after I moved my things, I could be ready for the school year. After I packed up all of my things, I noticed my parents were doing the same. My parents then told me they were very proud of me, but that they would never let me live anywhere alone until I was grown, and they knew that I was ready. We moved into our new and updated house together, and I am glad I am not alone. Although I did have to decorate and remodel all by myself, I am very thankful that my parents set me up to be successful for not only moving to college but also moving forward for the rest of my life. 

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