Class of 2020 Senior Wills


Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization of the end of high school is finally setting in with the senior class. Senior Wills offer the soon-to-be graduates a chance to reflect on their time at Donoho and leave advice and memories to underclassmen and faculty members. Senior Wills often showcase each student’s personality and give insight into what they felt was important during their high school journey. Each Senior Will is also accompanied by the college that each student will be attending in the fall. Congratulations to the class of 2020!

Jase Alderman

Auburn University

Tyler and Judson – I leave the both of you the football sled and tamp duty.

Jit – I leave you our intense workout sessions in the weight room. Keep grinding.

Dean – I leave you 2nd base.

Slade – I leave you my femur.

Turkey – I leave you a portable radio so you no longer have to walk around with your satellites.

Baseball Team – I leave you all the stories that we seniors have passed down to you.

Ridge – I leave you our lineman/quarterback bond and my blazing speed.

Edwin Connell

Auburn University

Amari – I leave you the Football Team. Ball out bro!

Blake Willingham – As an all county pitcher myself, I leave you the bump.

Judson – I leave you edgefield. Hold It down!!!!

Grant – I leave you with the mission to get the immaculate LEG.

Ridge Hopkins – Carry on the ice baths.

Belcher – Actually do something in Engineering and Design.

Tyler Allen – Keep doing that weird air horn noise.

Hunter Davenport – You must legally change your name to Gunther.

Connor Goodson – I leave you the Buster Fan. 

Ethan Miles Jamison – I leave you with speed cola so you can punt faster.

Estella – Keep my room clean.

Coach Sanders – You must be one with the Viper.

Steve – You must find the Gator.

Lexie Dukes

The University of Alabama

Piper Pumroy– I leave you all of the love in the world along with all of the memories we’ve made. PLUS the girls golf team;). I’m going to miss you so much, but I’ll see you every weekend and on every Bama game day. Love you more than anything pipe. 

Claire Walker – I leave you our art locker and all the laughs we had. Love you so much! 

 Amelia Baker – I leave you broken noses at ace tryouts and every memory we’ve made since the 8th grade. 

Ivy Kate – I leave you to be the trick flyer, make me proud girl! I love you so much. 

The Cheer Team – I leave UCA camp, all the pep talks Campbell has given us, and all of the memories we’ve made. I love you guys so much thank you all for being the sweetest girls and working so hard. Go win the banana! 

Savannah Frickey

The University of Alabama

Maggie Miller – I leave you the endless soccer memories and the best team captain duo even though our reign was cut short :(( It’s up to you and kat now but I have no doubts and I expect a county championship t-shirt next year. Never forget: this drip ain’t for sale!!!

Lillie Mae – #15 is yours if you want it now. Sad I won’t have you to back me up anymore :((( never stop dancing 

Gracie Perry – I leave you with the memory of your first soccer goal and the best celebratory screech ever. They wouldn’t have been able to stop us if we learned actual soccer skills 😉 Also learning the cheer tryout routine in the locker room. I still technically made the team and couldn’t have done it without you. 

AG – I leave you hardcore mammia mia singalongs. Please try to stay out of trouble. 

Erin – E-DAWG!! I’ll miss being on the sidelines together and laughing at Jay while he is getting yellow cards. So sad our last season was cut short but I know the other teams won’t be ready for you next year… they never are. I leave you Fusion and that horrible soccer skills video. You will never know how much I appreciated (and needed) our last minute practice. Keep saucin’ on ‘em!! I am so happy I do not have to guard you anymore, but I’ll take you on any day if that means we get to play again <333

Kat – where to even begin… I cannot believe that I won’t get neck hug you in the hallways anymore :((( I leave you endless soccer memories, goal celebrations, crying about cheer tryouts, whammies, beach trips, sunburns, and the position of FCA Captain. So glad I got to share prayer breakfasts and SYATP with you. I leave you and Maggie Miller the soccer team (even though you already kinda run the show). Keep scoring goals and getting mad at the other team. If you ever follow through on squaring up on the other team, please make sure I am there. I’m 100% positive that you could take any Saks girl. I hope the rest of high school treats you well and know that you can come to ttown anytime. I love you kat :))) 

Payne Golden

Vanderbilt University

Judson – I leave you with first base. Use your power wisely. (By that I mean do whatever you want with Gretty) 

Blake – I leave you the job of telling Skip that the field needs to be tamped after every practice. 

Grant, Slade, Connor, Hunter, Tyler, Ridge, and Lucas – I leave y’all the training room. Hopefully one day we can all meet there again when our missions are complete. 

Nic Thompson – I leave you with the job of teaching all the young kids the proper way to wear their hats. 

Bo – I leave you all the food that’s probably still in the lounge that I promised I would give you and never did. 

Mary Marshall – I leave you the title of Best Athlete in the Family (Not saying much but still). 

Zach – You are now the leader of the scholar’s bowl team. Lead them to a state title next year. 

Will Folsom – You get absolutely nothing. Maybe one day you will be worthy.

Judson and Tyler (again) – I leave y’all with the O-Line. Keep the young kids in line and try to keep Dylan from going insane. 

Dean – I leave you a padded glove so you don’t break you pinky next season. 

Campbell Hagan

Auburn University

To Savannah Wright – I leave being the tall, weird girl of the school that is always the life of the party. Embrace it. ily!!!

To Amelia – I leave you the big girl spot on the girls basketball team. Post work forever<3

To Luke Allen – I leave you the responsibility of the daily pics and you definitely can’t stop TikTok Thursday. This is a big honor so use it wisely.

To Grant – I leave you Aunt Tracy’s. 

To Ridge – I don’t know what to leave you but my will wouldn’t be complete without you mentioned<3 I’ll leave you the whole school. You deserve it.

To Julia – I leave you the reputation of the Wiedmer name. It needs a lil shaping up after Emma.

To Lillie Mae – I leave you basketball, so now you have to play again. You could be a star.

To Mom – I leave you all the times I came to visit you when I needed a break from the upper school. I love you so much!

To Jennings – I leave you to be the captain of the cheer team when your time comes. No one else could do it better.

To Carol – I leave you all the times I needed you to sign something for me last minute, or when I needed gas. I thank you and love you for that. 

To Ms. Dewberry – I leave you all the international trips. I will never forget all the times my friends and I annoyed you in France and Italy. Thankful you were able to be our traveling companion.

To Steve – I leave you the cheer team. I know the bus rides won’t be as fun without the seniors, but I trust you can find someone new to do duets with.

And lastly, to my favorite person ever, Piper, I leave you everything else. I leave you all the love my heart can hold. And most importantly, I leave you the title of dhoes finest. I know you will make us proud. I love you forever.

Andrew Harris

Faulkner University

Tyler Allen – My long snapping skills 

Maggie Miller – My title as most athletic at Donoho 

Gabe Truss – The football weight room and all the supplements I left in my locker. Drink a Bang.

Piper Pumroy – You’re now my favorite senior .

Amari Smedley – The football team

Virginia Hutto

Auburn University

Piper PumroyI have know idea what I am going to do without you next year. I’m going to miss seeing your beautiful self every day and your coming to my house every afternoon to talk about the goo goo and binge eating cookies, pound cake, or whatever might be on the cake stand.

 I’m going to miss all our car rides in trish jamming out to whatever vulgar rap song you have discovered because you know how much I love listening to it. I’m going to miss hearing Ritz’s highly annoying bark when I walk into your house. I’m going to miss our 3 mile walks at choc and seeing all the grade A (you know) walking around and staring at us. I’m going to miss Jay’s steak dinners and our convos with him. But above all I am going to miss just boolin’ around town and being the “weirdest people” that people have ever met, but we both know we take that as a compliment. I know I am being very repetitive but I really am going to miss you like CRAZY. You better know that there’s always room for you in my twin bed and that you better come to Auburn because I know good and well that that’s where you really want to go!!!!! Thank you for being my bestie and thank God for facetime because I will be hitting yo line a lot. I LOVE YOU to Krispy Kreme and back… that’s actually what I’m going to miss the most ;)!! I leave you the flag. You better get to training. 

Julia Wiedmer  – You my girl. I’m going to miss you so much next year. I am so thankful for our daily walks, which we haven’t been in about a week as I am writing this but you know we are going to make up for it. I love how we aspire to be skinny queens but that goal never seems to be achieved no matter what we do. I’m going to miss our convos forreal. They are so genuine and normal you make the maturity come out of me. I love how we both know each other’s darkest secrets and that we are both vaults. What’s said on the walk, stays on the walk. You keep doing you and just know that Slader really wants me. ILY and I hope you have a fun junior year and you better follow in Phemmas footsteps!! Also we need to make some more tic toks. I leave you all the crazy nights at the beach and New Year’s Eve. 

Tennis Team 

LGAunt virg is going to miss you so much you athletic queen!! You better play tennis next season or I will haunt you. Also try not to get injured because you are too good to get hurt. I’m still waiting for that tennis date with you kno who ;). You best continue the TC legacy and y’all better make up for our unfinished business next year. I leave you Drew. 

HarperI’m going to miss you so much. Thank you for being a better friend than Piper. I love talking about all your baes and about how sexy John B is. I’m gonna miss your encouragement for the team and I will never forget about piglet. You better continue the legacy of TC. You are going to have to find someone else to put those notes on cars ;). I leave you David. 

Mary MarshallI’m going to miss you so much but at least you’ll be coming down to see me on game days. Don’t forget to tell me about your arguments with your dad. Tell William I said hey. We really need to go to good ole boys because I need some porky fries. You better flex on the court next year and you better continue the legacy of TC. I leave you tadpole. 

Claire HillmanI’m going to miss you so much and seeing you show everyone up on the court. You slay so hard out there it amazes me. I’m going to miss all our Fridays from junior year when we would be the only ones out there playing (sometimes  Harrison)  and you would always bagel me in twenty minutes. Above all I’m going to miss my honorary grandpa. Tell Coach Tommy I miss him so much and that he amazes me with his skill. I aspire to be like him when I’m that age. I leave you the unfinished business of the TC era. You know what to do… also I leave you a V8 energy drink. One thing I don’t leave you is Sean. 

Claire WalkerI’m going to miss you asking me who I’m talking to because you know good and well that it’s no one. You always look so majestic on the court. You come off the court looking the exact same as when you walked on. I’m going to miss rooming with you at state. I leave you the unfinished business of the TC.  Remember you are now the captain of the TC and you must continue the legacy. I also leave you the suite life of….. hehee.

Blair KitchenI know it stinks that your first tennis season had to go like this. It’s normally a ton of fun. I leave you the rest of your tennis seasons and keep practicing!!! Always up for a rally anytime! 

Grant SteedI leave you Aunt Tracys. Nuff said. 

Ridge HopkinsI leave u waho parking lot. 

SladerI leave you Julia. You hurt her I hurt you. Jk I love you.

AGI leave you art class.

KBI leave you all our snap convos. I’m going to miss you. 

BelcherI leave you Engineering class. I will always ship you and Mary. 

Caroline Lee

The University of Alabama

To Piper – Pipe, I’m going to miss you SOOO very much. I don’t know what I’m going to do without my best friend everyday. I wish I could take you to college with me 🙁 I leave you all of our crazy memories (& gas money to drive to t-town every weekend). Thank you for being my sister throughout the years. I’m so thankful to have such a great friend like you, Piper. I love you forever babe❤️

To Ivy – I leave you a strong base to replace me in our stunt group. I’m going to miss you sooo much. Can’t wait to come watch my favorite little flyer next year😝!!

To Ms. Jones – I leave you the same tardy excuse I gave to you every morning. I apologize for being late to class every single day. I love you tho 🙂 

To Mrs. Gaines – Thank you for letting me sleep on the red couch

To Steve – I leave you the bus rides with the cheer team. Hopefully they will play Shallow for you to sing.

Grant – I leave you aunt tracy’s

To all of my teachers – I’m sorry I never came to school. Thanks for putting up with me 🙂

To The Cheer Team – I leave y’all every crazy memory we shared together. From game days, to singing/dancing on the long bus rides, to our weird pep rally routines, I loved every moment of it. Make sure to find someone to charge the speaker for the bus rides. Whoever takes my spot in my stunt group, DO NOT drop Ivy Kate, she’s precious cargo. don’t goof off too much without me next year. 

I love my babies forever <3 

Sailor Miao

The College of William and Mary

Chloe Phillips – Chlo, don’t get too nervous in Scholars Bowl. You are the captain now.

Mihir Patel – Mihir, you are the giant of the soccer team now.

Carter Stremmel – Corn dog, you are the last Stremmel now; you gotta represent!

Ash – When are you gonna join the US Math Olympics Team?

Julia Wiedmer – The last Wiedmer gotta be the queen in Choir!!

Lillie Mae – Be that soccer queen!

Alisha Chowdhury –  You are my fav middle schooler!

Ramsey Whitney and Griffyn Burrage – I miss all the gossiping tea times y’all had during choir .

Adam Stremmel

Auburn University

Izzy Patten – I leave you all the theatre conversations, show predictions, and fun scene work we’ve had through the years.

Maggie Wakefield – I leave you with our two consecutive pre-show photos, all the onstage bird roles you could ever wish for, and the reminder that birds aren’t real.

Addie Tucker – I leave you all the hugs in the hallway and the time that you played my grandson onstage.

Mihir Patel – I leave you as the champion of the boy’s cross country team, even though I never held that position to begin with.  Don’t let Carter beat you.

Carter Stremmel – I leave you as the last remaining Stremmel on the Donoho Campus.  Don’t screw it up.  Beat Mihir in Cross Country.

Ramsey Whitney – I leave you all the little boy roles that your heart desires and all the times where you’d come to me to vent, as well as your baja-blast slushie that got knocked over during Solo and Ensemble.

The class of 2021 (or any class after that) – I leave you my Avengers Endgame design for the Senior Wall if you guys wanna claim it as your own.  I could rant about it but I’ll just leave it at that. (someone reach out to me if you want to use it)

Kam Thomas

Huntingdon College

Hunter Davenport– I leave my incredible receiver abilities

Bo Whitelaw– I leave my attractiveness and charm for the ladies 

Mihir Patel– I leave my speed 

Emma Wiedmer

The University of Alabama

Julia Wiedmer – I leave you my sense of style. Someone has to keep it up. Stay  true to yourself but live a little. Take a risk. You only do high school once and you never know what can happen. I’ll miss making fun of you in the halls. Study hard but don’t forget to have fun. You are a perfect blend of me and Lily. I love you always. 

Slade – I leave you my sister. I hope you make her not so serious.

Piper – I leave you everything. I love you so much. I leave you the everyday pic. my girl. I love you forever babe I cannot wait for you to come visit. Keep Dho’s finest going at Donoho. Try to keep your grades up. I know it’s so hard senior year but it still matters. I love you forever. Thank you so much for being a part of my high school experience. Love you

Grant – I leave you Aunt Tracy’s.

Ivy Kate – I leave you our everyday smirks in the hallway. I’ll miss our gossip the most. I love you the most babe. Stay sassy and stay true to yourself. 

Donoho Girls Tennis Team – I leave y’all a state title. It’s time for y’all to shine. I love all of y’all so much. You made my senior year so memorable. Kick butt next year and don’t let anyone run over y’all. I can’t wait to celebrate with y’all next year. 

Mary Marshall Perry – I leave you my place on the tennis team. I’ve always thought of you as my mini me. I leave you my sassiness on the court. You have so much potential and I can’t wait for you to exceed my expectations. You are such an amazing girl and cannot see how you grow through your high school. Stay true to yourself. Don’t worry about anything. If you’re as like me as I think you are, it will all come with time. Love you forever M&M.