Piper Pumroy

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Extreme Exam Jitters   

It was a regular Thursday morning, but it was the time of the year that exams came around. I have never been a fan of exams, just like everyone else, but for some reason, this year, exams were not a fan of me either. The very first exam we were scheduled to take was the math exam, and I woke up that morning feeling just okay. I walked into Mrs. Senter’s class and started my exam. As time progressed,  my health and how I felt quickly declined. I was losing focus, the letters on my paper were coming off of it, and the words started mixing. My eyesight got very blurry, and I felt like I could not even finish, so I just started writing random things down. I stood up to give her my paper and quickly fell back down onto my stool. I laid my head down for a minute to regain strength to get back up, and once I stood, I walked to Mrs. Senter and handed her my exam while she kept her distance and gave me the oddest look because she knew I did not feel well.  

After I handed Mrs. Senter my test, I began to embark on my journey down the hall. I started to walk down the hall, but I could not see straight. I was walking from one side of the hall to the other grabbing for the walls to help me make it to the end. I then made it to the college corner and decided to sit down on the ground. I laid my head down because I could not take all of the bright lights, and I felt extremely dizzy. I heard multiple footsteps around me and many people saying “Piper?,” but I felt no strength to even answer them. Finally, my dear friend Amelia walks up to me and proceeds to quickly snap a picture of me and caption it “RIP Piper 2k19” because I had lost all color in my face and looked like a corpse. After she had her fun and took her pictures, I then asked her to call my mom and tell her that I would not be able to safely get my sister and me home if I drove. 

My mom drove up to the school to pick us up, and I left my car at the school. Of course my sister, Harper could not wait until I went to the doctor to go home. So while I was lying in the backseat of my mom’s car dying, we took my sister home. After we dropped my sister off at the house, we went to the doctor and waited. While I was waiting to be seen by the doctor, I could not get comfortable and began to fall to the floor and my mom screams at me, “Piper, there is probably pee on the floor!” Finally, the doctor saw me and tested me for the flu and strep. Both of the tests were negative, but they just assumed it was the beginning of strep because I had the pink tongue like you have when you get strep throat. Of course because of my luck at this point, they began to look at my test results and I had to wait on results to see if I have diabetes. 

After leaving the doctor, we headed home where I went straight upstairs to my bed, and I did not leave that spot for two days. After two days had passed, my mom was beginning to get worried because I hadn’t eaten or moved. She then suggested that we go back to the doctor because something was wrong. I had not gotten any better and, in fact, was feeling worse. So with the help of my mom getting me out of bed, we headed back to the doctor. 

While sitting in the doctor’s office, I was getting quite the odd stares. I don’t know if it was my outfit or my ghost-like face. Finally, the doctor took me back again to look at me and retested me for everything that they had before, but this time they had to put an IV in my arm because I was severely dehydrated and needed fluids. After getting fluids, the doctor then came back into the room to tell me that I tested positive for type B flu. While all of this is going on, my classmates are at home studying for our last two exams of the semester. 

Two days passed after this, and I still had not eaten anything but a chicken nugget, and I had not moved out of bed. On Tuesday, my mom suggested that I make an appearance into the world outside of my room because we had to get my dress altered for the DD formal that would be on Friday. We  headed to the alteration place to get my dress altered, and while doing this, I am standing on a podium; then I tell the alteration man and my mom that I am falling because my vision was going blurry. After the man frantically got me water, he finished the line where he would be cutting my dress. After leaving the place, my mom decided that it was a good idea to go get jewelry to match my dress because we had to get this done. While inside Dillards, I fell to the floor and sat on the ground while my mom searched for a necklace and earrings to match my dress. 

The whole time I had been sick my mom had been in contact with Mr. Noone in regards to when I would be taking my exams. My mom decided for me that I would begin to take my exams on Saturday, the day after DD formal, which my mom was unsure I would attend due to my condition. I had barely any strength to walk and I hadn’t driven my car in almost a week. When Friday rolled around,  I decided that I would be attending formal. I got all dressed up and ready that day and all the girls and their dates were at my house for pictures. After pictures, we went to the formal, and I still didn’t quite have all my strength, but I made the most of it. Then the next day I woke up and resumed taking my Christmas exams, and by this point, my extreme exam jitters had gone away!

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