Spencer Wigley

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Big Jump

I never thought Donoho would be my final destination. If it ever came down to it, this school was the last option on my list, but after a long eleven years at Sacred Heart, I finally made the jump, and I will forever be grateful in making that decision. 

During my years at Sacred Heart, I had both amazing memories and very traumatizing ones. I remember my last year there was the worst for me. We played in the state basketball final and lost to a team we should have beaten by a lot, and after that, everything started to go downhill. I was not taking my grades seriously. I thought that if I kept my head low and just coasted through, everything would be alright which I regret. That last month was the toughest for me, although, our soccer team was the one thing I was looking forward to. Finally, I thought something would make me happy, but everyone quit on the team, so I was stuck carrying a team of only seven players who had no idea what they were doing. The majority of the people that quit played basketball, and after all those years, it finally occurred to me that Sacred Heart had finally hit rock bottom. The people were selfish, and no one was really there for me. The culture there was basketball, not grades, not clubs, or any other sports; it was basketball. So I transferred.

I never thought in a million years I would finish my high school days at Donoho. All of  my life, I judged the school off of a stereotype that I have found to be not true at all. My first day here, I knew I was finally where I needed to be; people actually came up to talk to me and held a casual conversation. In a matter of a year, my self-esteem has blown through the roof. I have never been happier in my life, and of all the things to make that happen, it was a school. I have made many happy memories with my classmates and with other people in the school that will stick with me for life. This school has shown me that if you surround yourself with the right people, it benefits you in so many ways. 

Academics was always something that I took for granted. I was never taught the importance of keeping a good GPA or taking the ACT, but with the help of all of my teachers and Mrs. Gaines, I’ve learned that you need both of them to get into a good college. There is one teacher who has constantly pushed me to improve my academic performance and has helped me with so much, and that’s Mrs. Taylor. Now, granted, I have only had her as a teacher for two years, but in those two years she has inspired me to always take school seriously. My first year at Donoho, anytime I had a question about something that was happening at the school she was always someone I could ask, and she would understand. I will always be grateful for her help and everything she has done for me. Donoho gave me the academic push that I was missing my whole life, and if I would not have transferred, there is no telling where I would be right now. 

Donoho has changed my life. Without this school, I would be nowhere in life; I have never been happier. Everyday is a new adventure and always leaves me on the edge of my seat guessing what is to come. I will forever be grateful for what this school has done for me.

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