Macey Thompson

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“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great” (Mark Twain). This quote explains the importance of the people and environment around us. It is important to be with people that give instead of take. This does not mean literally give or take, but the effect they have on your happiness. I have been lucky throughout my time at Donoho to be surrounded by intelligent and hardworking people that have pushed me to be a good person. 

This may surprise a lot of people, but I consider myself to have been somewhat of a slacker when I was in the lower school, especially compared to my sister. I never had a love for learning and didn’t learn until later in the lower school to put effort into my school work. While my sister was obsessed with the little educational games on our LeapFrog, I just wanted to play with dolls. I was not willing to apply my same focus to school as I felt towards my Barbies. Somehow, though, I have turned out to be a pretty diligent student. The drive I have now is something that I contribute to the people that have surrounded me throughout my years at Donoho. 

I fell into a friend group that was hard working and pretty entertaining. Some of my favorite memories with my friends take place at the lower school. I was not a talkative child and I’m still not, but I have made so many friendships that I hope are long-lasting. Our class has always been small, but back in fifth and sixth grade we only had about fifteen people in the class. This made the class very close and caused an interesting dynamic. I remember listening to Mrs. Plunkett’s lectures and side stories about Rylie, while I would “take notes” and draw on Notability. The times at the lunch table when we would play either telephone or strawberry every single day were always fun. I would always bring a soda for lunch so my friends would call me a drunk hamster. The volcano project where we used the green screen for the first time, the trips to the library for the next Percy Jackson book, and the games of charades in music class will always be a happy memory. There were the torturous games of kickball and the intense battles of dodgeball in P.E. All these memories are ones that I’m grateful for. 

As I grew up with my classmates, I began to learn to apply myself to my school work and try to get good grades. I saw many friends around me joining the Science Olympiad team, so I tried out for it. My friends would discuss their test grades and homework assignments, so I realized how much effort they put into their work. So thank you to my classmates that have shown me what motivation and being a diligent student looks like. I know many of y’all would not consider yourself motivated now, but I appreciate the example y’all made for me. I also have to give big thanks to all the teachers that I have had. I know that all the teachers at Donoho have given so much and have all worked so hard to help me and all of their students

Now I am so glad to have the class and friends I have. I have a great support system if I need it. My friends feel like family to me. I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like if I never created these friendships. There are so many inside jokes, funny stories, moments of struggle, belly laughs, and other memories at Donoho that I will value for the rest of my life.

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