Amari Smedley

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The Positive Outcomes from Donoho

The Donoho School has impacted my life in a positive way throughout the years. Since I have been here, I have gained many life skills, friendships, connections, and future dreams, but athletics was always my true passion. Athletics helped me get through the day because it was the only place I felt I could be myself. I have had my fair share of academic hardships. There have been times that I have given up and quit, but my two favorite teachers helped me, and they never gave up on me even though I had given up on myself. Donoho made me realize that there is more to life than athletics. Since I have been here, I have learned many things. I have had the opportunity to build robots, job shadow, and travel on Intersession trips. For example, I learned how to build a robot in school. The intersession program was also helpful for me because I learned about different jobs I was interested in. One year we visited New Orleans for an intersession trip, and I learned about the history of the city of New Orleans.

I gained many new friendships while I have been at Donoho. I really never was a shy person, but being the minority in the school, I was a bit hesitant to make friends. However, after my third day of school, I made friends with almost everyone. Rodricus Elston transferred with me to Donoho. Rodricus and I have been friends since we were little, so it felt nice to have someone experience a new journey with me. Throughout the years at Donoho, I had a very tight friend group that included Rodricus, Dekari, and Ethan. My junior year there was a new addition to the family and that person was Spencer Wigley. Spencer fit in with us instantly, and it felt natural. These guys are basically my brothers. Unfortunately, Rodricus and Dekari transferred schools, and I did not take it well. Even though they’re gone, we still hangout all the time. Our friend group is a bond that can never be broken.

Athletics has played a huge role in my Donoho years because it is the only place where I feel I truly excel. My first year here in the seventh grade, I was deemed ineligible for the whole entire year. This was a very hard time for me because sports is my happy place, but it wasn’t too bad because I played recreational sports. When I was finally eligible the next year, I started building my legacy at Donoho. I was a force in football and basketball and refused to be denied. Even though I was small, I was crafty, and I played with  a lot of heart. I made my first varsity basketball start in the eighth grade. My ninth grade year I was 5’2 , 115 pounds, and I was a starter for varsity football. At the end of the football season, I was named to the All-Region team. In basketball,  I made the All-County team as a freshman. In the tenth grade, I was 5’6, 140 pounds. I made All-Region and All-County teams in football. I made All-County in basketball. In the eleventh grade I grew to be 6’0, 160 pounds. I made All-County, All-Region, and All-State for football. For basketball,  I made the All- County team. As a senior, I am now 6’2, 180 pounds. I received my first football offer from Culver-Stockon located in Missouri. Since I was little, my favorite sport has been basketball, but after these past two years my favorite sport has developed into football. I also tried track, and I broke the school record four times and set a new Fort Payne track record for the triple jump event.

In conclusion, Donoho has given me the opportunity to showcase my talent in athletics. Donoho has given me unbreakable bonds. And last, but not least,  Donoho gave me a chance to get a great education.

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