Isabella Nelson

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The Amazing Art House

The Art House: a renovated storage shed nestled behind our house where all of the magic happens. It is in this space where I spend the majority of my time painting new pieces, trying out a new hobby, gaining more knowledge on various topics, and expressing myself creatively. It is the environment that has fostered my love and appreciation for all things artistic. Although some might consider a storage shed to be an odd gift for a teenage girl, it was the best thing I could have ever received. 

Now, you might find yourself wondering, “What does the Art House look like?” Well, allow me to give you a brief tour. On the outside, the Art House is a beige storage shed with a front porch and two pink rose bushes. Once you turn the doorknob to enter, you will find yourself in the wonderful space where I spend the majority of my time. The walls, originally neutral and bland, are now covered with various pieces I painted depicting scenes ranging from colorful floral arrangements to vibrant portraits. Instead of the rough plywood floors that were originally in the house, there is hardwood flooring with a few colorful paint splatters here and there. As you look to the left, you will find the wooden basket chair with a fluffy white cushion that I typically occupy while face-timing friends. Around the back of the Art House, there is a long, sturdy countertop covered with containers of pens, colored pencils, and other supplies where I can usually be found studying or doodling every night. The countertop also is home to my record player and sewing machine. Along the top shelf of the house, you will find baskets and bins overflowing with colorful tubes of paint and ready-to-use canvases. Finally, you will come across the portable metal easel, which allows me to conveniently create new pieces wherever I go. 

It is in the Art House where I learned more about the wonderful world of creativity. I taught myself how to create dimensions in my paintings with shadows and highlights. I discovered that mixing acrylic paints with water and soap can create thin paints to pour over canvases for a marbled effect. I watched countless sewing tutorials on YouTube and taught myself how to knit and crochet anything from scarves to bags. I created and sold multiple original paintings to other homes and offices. I learned extremely valuable lessons, such as patience, discipline, curiosity, and focus, which I can implement into my daily life. I spend my time doing what I love, but most importantly, I gain a greater understanding of myself and my passion for creating. 

I am extremely appreciative of the personal growth I have experienced. Not only did I learn more about art, but I also discovered ways that I can implement creativity in all aspects of my life. I guess you could consider this to be a thank-you note to the Art House, but it is also a letter of gratitude to my parents and grandparents. Without their support, I would have never pursued art in such a way as I do now. Without their hard work renovating and making sure the Art House was perfect, I would have never had the amazing space in which I could spend endless amounts of time and effort expressing myself and engaging my passion for art. Their faith in me encourages me to better myself in all that I do. I know I will continue developing and utilizing the skills that I have learned thanks to their confidence in me. I am forever grateful for all that they have done for me, and the Art House will always hold a special place in my heart.

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