Kallie Callan

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How My Life Changed 

My biological mom wanted to raise her little boy and little girl just like any normal mom would want to do. However, there was a little change of plans for her life and her little boy. My dad never thought he would be raising an eight-week-old little girl on his own. Little did he know God had some pretty amazing plans ahead of him. 

On the day of  June 10, 2002, my family’s life changed forever. This day my mother, older brother, and I were in an accident.  My mother and my brother passed away instantly after the accident occurred, but somehow I stayed alive. I was only two months old, so thankfully I could not remember the trauma that happened. My father was at work and was not in the car. I am extremely grateful he was not because if he had been I probably would have lost him too, and I could not imagine what it would be like to lose two parents at the same time. I could only imagine the pain my dad and my family felt after the accident happened. My dad would now be a single father, and he knew raising a little girl would not be easy. He knew it was going to be hard but nothing ever stopped him. 

A year later, my dad  decided to move us to Huntsville, Alabama, for his new job. He knew it was going to be difficult taking care of me and also having a full-time job. With the help of his family and my mother’s family, we did well for the next five years after the accident. After living in Huntsville for five years, my dad and I moved back to Gadsden. He was so glad to return to his previous work and be back around my mom’s family. Over the years, my dad and I became very close. We had a father-daughter bond like no other. At such a young age, I never really understood that I ever had a mom and a brother that passed away. My dad would try and explain it, but at five years old, I didn’t quite comprehend it. 

When I was five, I developed a strong love for tumbling. Little did my dad know my love for tumbling would lead him to his new future wife. My stepmom, Donna, owns the cheer program at Shelia Lindley’s Dance Studio. My dad had a mutual friend of Donna’s, and he mentioned he had a daughter who loved to tumble. At six years old, I started tumbling every week. My dad and Donna fell in love quickly and got married a year later.  So many amazing things came out of this; I gained a brother and a sister, a new mom, and more family members. At this age, I was still confused about what happened to my mom and brother, but I started calling Donna “mom” and still to this day I do because she is the only mom I’ve ever known. The older I have gotten, the more closer I have grown with the family. It’s honestly like my dad and I were meant for this family. 

However, the older I have become the more I wonder about my birth mom. What did she sound like? What was her personality like? How did it feel to hug her? Multiple questions like these run through my head everyday. I wonder what life would be like if my mom and brother hadn’t passed away. All I have are the pictures and stories people have given me. Sometimes it is hard looking at them because I wonder what she was like, and it is hard to hear the stories people tell me because I cannot really imagine them because I never saw or heard her. 

God throws many curves at us. Some are harder than others, but somehow we become stronger and find our way through. I am extremely grateful for the new family He has put in my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything

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