Savannah Wright

First Day Nerves

As I get ready for the day, my nerves start to build. I was doing my makeup, obsessing over an outfit that would make a great first impression. I put on a four inch wedge shoe that would make me taller than pretty much everyone else. “I am only shadowing,” I said to myself, “if I do not like it, I do no’t have to come back.” The closer the time got for me to walk into school at eight o’clock, the more nervous I became. I made the fifteen minute drive with my mom from Alexandria to The Donoho School. I heard many things about the school including the reputation it had for stuck up, mean children. In fact I had not even moved yet and was already being called rich and stuck up by some people at my school when they found out I was looking at Donoho as an option. This did not help my nerves either.

As I pulled up to the school, I was shocked at how small the school was. The hallway was so tiny compared to Alexandria’s. All of the classrooms fit into one hallway unlike Alexandria’s two story building just for the middle school. No lockers had any actual locks. It was so different from what I was used to. 

I was brought into the computer lab and was introduced to the class. It felt as if the whole class could hear my heart beat at this point. I was terrified until a little redheaded girl stood up and said “She can sit with us! Julia pull up a chair.” I later learned her name was Marella.

I could already tell what everyone had to say about Donoho was so wrong. I said goodbye to my mom and sat down at an already full table. Everyone was turning to me introducing themselves. I got no mean glares, or laughs, just sweet and welcoming smiles. I did not know at the time, but these people were going to become my family. 

 When lunch time rolled around I realized that on top of the school being so small, almost everyone had been there since preschool. They had all known each other from the very beginning and were all extremely close. I felt as if I was a stranger at a random family dinner. I was scared they would feel the same way. It did not take long for me to realize that I was wrong. I was almost immediately thrown into the conversations. Everyone made sure to make me feel included. I felt so comfortable and had already realized that Donoho was where I needed to be. 

By the end of the day, I already had new friends who would later become lifelong friends. People I knew I could trust and come to at any time to rant or just talk. People who were funny, loving, and overall just a joy to be around. I left Donoho with a smile on my face. I immediately told my mom and dad how much I loved it and wanted to go there as soon as possible. They were so happy for me. I told them all about the redheaded little girl whose name I had already forgotten but assured that I would learn it next time I went. My little brain had already created plans with my new best friends and thought about our futures together.  I would be moving to Donoho in the last nine weeks of sixth grade. It was an odd time to move but my family agreed I had to leave Alexandria as soon as I could.

Even with the ups and downs, I know that the people in my grade will forever be family. Even if we never see each other again after we graduate, we will always have special places for each other in our hearts. Even my teachers are people that I can’t wait to come back and visit. They were there for me during every rough patch and showed me how much teachers truly love their students. Donoho built me into the person I am today and has helped me grow. I can’t wait to tell my kids about my time at Donoho and what it has taught me. Thank you Donoho for becoming a second home and for creating a safe place for me.