Tyler Allen

The Season We Will Never Forget

It was the beginning of November, and I was just recovering from a season-ending injury from football my Junior year. The day I had been waiting for since I dislocated my knee earlier that year had finally come. As the baseball team began practicing, we formed a bond so tight I felt nothing could break it. It was at that moment I knew the season would be special. 

We spent several long, cold days not hitting or working on our technique, but just moving dirt into the infield. The field was in rough shape, and we knew we had to work hard to get it looking good for the upcoming season. We tasked groups with certain tasks, such as shoveling the dirt into the wheelbarrow, moving the dirt to the field, picking weeds, trimming bushes behind the fence, and cleaning up the dugouts. 

At the time, I did not realize that all of this hard work would be so beneficial to our team. Because we all had a goal, and we worked hard to accomplish it, we formed a strong bond with each other. The work taught our team discipline, teamwork, and true determination. Not very surprisingly, these lessons were proven beneficial to our team. 

At the start of the season I came out strong, with two home runs and batting cleanup. As the year went on, I found myself in a horrible slump. It was hard for me to even touch the ball, much less produce runs for my team. Although I was struggling, my teammates and coaches never gave up on me. This gave me hope and encouragement to finish the year strong. In the final game of the fourth round of the playoffs, we were all tied up with Sumiton Christian. We had a runner on second base, and I was up to bat. I hit a ground ball to shortstop and was safe. The winning run scored, and we were headed to Montgomery for the State championship. This meant the world to me because my team never gave up on me, and I never gave up on myself.

The next week, our team headed to Montgomery to compete for the State Championship. We won the first game in a close battle. The team celebrated all the way back to the hotel, but then we knew we had unfinished business. The next day we played in Riverwalk Stadium, a field belonging to a minor league team. I ended my almost year-long slump with a double off of the top of the fifteen foot wall. This was definitely one of the most memorable moments of my life, not because of my success, but seeing how my teammates and fans reacted. This showed me not only that I was capable, but I had the full support of my family, teammates, and fans. 

Many times during the season the team was put through hardships. We played tough competition against schools much bigger than us, yet we still competed. We learned to win as a team and lose as a team. During many close games, we never relied on one person to get the job done, but we did it together. 

This memorable season taught me many lessons. It taught me not to give up, no matter how hopeless it may feel. The support I had from my teammates, coaches, and family truly helped me battle my way out of the slump. It also showed me the strength of a close bond with your teammates, and how important it really is. I learned that if a player trusts and supports his teammates, it will go a lot further than playing for selfish reasons.