Tosin Sanusi

Senior Reading: Ok and what about it… 

Almost every school’s sports team’s dream is to make it to the state finals.  Last year, that was our Donoho School’s girls’ soccer team dream. “State” is the Alabama State finals that, for us, includes teams from the 1A-3A classifications in soccer. If you win your area, region, and playoff games, your team makes it to the final four. Then, hopefully, your team would get to play for the Blue Map state trophy and state championship ring too. At the start of soccer season, I was constantly asked by friends, family, and classmates if our team would make it to the finals. Yes, we made it. No, we did not win the blue map, but that is not the point of my story. This is about the greatest relationship that I have made at Donoho.

In the beginning, I think that everyone was scared about what the season would look like and if everyone on the team would get along. But before games and during practice, the girls on the team began the bonding.  It started through our efforts to delay practice or warming up before a game, when we would hang out in the locker room, sing along to popular songs, and do silly dance moves. Towards the end of the season all we had to do was look at each other and make a silly face and someone, especially Gracie Perry, would burst out laughing.

Our team was undefeated as we made it all the way to Montgomery for the state tournament. The girls and I were hyped up to finally be at the final four, and it showed as we sang along to the lyrics of the iconic song, Nicki Manji’s Super Bass.  As usual, my teammates left the fast rapping parts to me so I could have my moment. As I sang “this one for the boys in the boomin’ system, top down AC with the cooling system…”, it was a blazing glory as my ladies in the back cheered me on. We yelled as the different teams looked at us like we were crazy. Walking up to the locker rooms at the state tourney was nerve-racking, but being in that locker room was what everyone needed: a moment to let loose, which is exactly what happened. With Sam Wakefield’s speaker, Erin and Kat controlled the aux played the best 2017 bangers. The room literally became a mosh pit with even the bashful 7th graders joining in. The energy and team spirit was so high that when we heard the neighboring team singing louder than us, a war broke out. Pounding on the door and stomping our feet, we were convinced that this was the team we were going to play so if we beat them now, the game would be ours. That battle I feel we won, as the girls and I screamed at the top of our lungs and Kat took to the door, beating it for her life. We were game ready, and it showed as we won the first game of the final four, scoring in the first five mins. 

Levels of angst were up for the next, we all gathered in the hotel lobby waiting for the sun to go down and our chance to go through the season undefeated to come. All everyone could talk about was the bite of betrayal we felt by the nasty words from others in our school. This brought the mood down and dimmed our light, which was part of our downfall. The team as a collective was beyond nerves, but we still carried away singing Super Bass up til we got out of the bus. This time things were different, we did not automatically get our locker room due to the volume of teams that were there. So for a bit we were displaced and even in the locker the energy wasn’t what it was as people dwelling on words spoken by others. After leaving the locker room the mood was set, despair. Jay sensed it, we warmed up for a bit. Then to the low levels, he sent us back to the locker room to cheer up and that was the best moment. Sam played our final song of the season, Baby by Justin Beiber. And, just as you can imagine every girl got up to jump up and down, bellowing all the lyrics out. We were so loud that when we got out the team that we were playing was just looking at us.

Although we lost, I could not be prouder of my team. The defense came together for their best games of the season. Erin put on the best performance of the year with her flop. Leading us to get our first goal of the game, by yours truly I may add. Though we lost, we did not get mercy ruled and only lost by 2 points. All in all, a good game that led to the best moments of my junior year, especially of my Donoho experience, and created my favorite relationships, here at Donoho.