Ethan Rogers

Ethan Rogers 
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Trey- I leave the soccer defense to you. Try to be more supportive to your teammates.

Logan-whether you end up playing offense or defense, good luck. You will become a back bone of the soccer team.
Drew- I wish I could give you my running ability cause you need it.
Luke- Have more confidence in your ability, you’ll be able to do great things.
Cainan- do your best to deal with your classmates, they’re a bunch of bums.
Cater- your gonna be a big part of the soccer team, do your best to handle the pressure.
Matthew Belcher- don’t let what people say get to you.
Sam- Keep a cool head, one mistake does not equal a complete loss.
Isaiah- be more confident
Ham- try to be a little more serious
Brody Moore- try your best. You have improved more than you think.
Richard- do your best in whatever you do, I know you can be great at almost anything.
Dylan- I hope you get a better water boy
Jack T- good luck, I believe you will be one of the best soccer players to play on the Donoho team
Everyone- I will always be here for you, talk to me if you need anything. I will do my best to help you, no matter