Dena Musa

Dena Musa

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Haley Hartwell – You are the sweetest person ever, and I’m so happy we’ve gotten close through track. I can’t wait to hear about your growth in all the sports you do, and I hope high school treats you right. I loved jumping with you, and running in the same heat as you. You have a talent, and potential to do whatever you want. Thank you for all the times we both start crying because of senior year. You are so special to me, and I love you. I will leave you to continue doing the 400m, 200m, and practicing on the best pole vault pit at Donoho. You keep that spark in you Haley, it is very special and cherished. 


Estella Connell – Seeing you grow into the person you have become in sports, school, and personality wise is one of the best things that came out of my experience from Donoho Track. You are an amazing athlete, and person with such great talents. You’ve changed so much from your seventh grade self, and you never failed to make me laugh. I will forever cherish the bonds I have with you from the practices, meets, or a simple hallway conversation. You keep trying, and keep pushing yourself to your fullest potential even if it feels hard. Don’t ever doubt yourself because everyone believes you can do what you set your mind to. I leave you the long jump pit from my short lived long jump career, and the shared pole vault/high jump pit. Keep jumping in front of the baseball team, it adds joy to the practices. I love you and thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me.


Rory Parks – You are an amazing friend and person to me. You are so caring, and talented. Seeing you grow as an athlete and getting close to you is another thing that I am grateful for from Donoho Track. You never failed to make me laugh during any practice whether it be jumping, running, or even just the trials walks. You keep pushing yourself to your fullest self, and get the school records for hurdles and pole vault. I enjoyed being in relay teams with you, and I’m gonna miss you so dearly. I can’t wait for all the late night texts from you. I love you so much, and I leave you the pole vault pit. Keep pushing yourself Rory, you have talents and gifts that are special. Thank you for making track practices more enjoyable.


Riley Goodson and Jack Thomas – You two are the most realistic definition of a middle school kid I have ever seen. Even though you guys can be immature, you two still made my senior year of track enjoyable and fun. You guys stay being yourself and having fun, and keep pushing for better goals. I leave you guys the long distance races I would never do. Riley don’t eat too many fudge rounds before a race, and Jack keep holding up more than five fingers. Thank you for the memories you guys have given me in the one year we had together.


Ansley Simmons – You have the best smile that can light up the whole room. You stay being the best person you can be, and get more school records for me!! I love you so much, and I enjoyed every moment I had with you during volleyball and track. Keep improving yourself, and thank you for the best hugs. 


Ian Caballero – Keep pushing yourself to beat your goals, and try not to put too many fudge rounds in Jack’s shoes these next few years. 


Alex Gilliland – You are a special person, with great talents. You will go far in track, especially with the efforts you put in daily. I enjoy seeing you grow, and the urge you have to improve. Keep pushing, and enjoy the moments you have with those around you. Keep being you, and don’t stress too much. Thank you for being a good high jumper at the team meet, and a good teammate. I can’t wait to see what great things you accomplish in the future!


Track Team – Saying goodbye to everyone on this team is something I never expected to be so soon. I love each and every one of you and I can’t wait to see you all grow. Please take care of Coach Long, and try your best even if you may not feel like it’s worth it. Stay positive, and fix the mistakes you make without beating yourself down. I love you guys, and I leave you guys the “D” shaped track. Thank you for letting me be a team captain of one of the best teams anyone could ask for.


Underclassmen Friends – I love each and everyone of you, and I’ll always be here supporting you guys in everything you do. Stay being yourself from your best potential, and enjoy the time you have in high school. I will always remember you guys, and be grateful for the small moments that you guys gave me that made my day better. Thank you for being you, and giving joy to the halls of Donoho.